Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Red Faced

Now that we’re back to the normal story path, the startling confession from Kara’s foster mother about their father’s death at the DEO is investigated, while Kara deals with her own issues.

Kara is flying about, per usual, when a bout of road rage is reported and two men are nearly ramming each other off the road. But never fear, Supergirl saves the day and stops the cars right before they hit an entire group of children. Matters are made worse when one of the drivers, attacks Kara over his totaled car and broken nose, and he tries to punch her. Someone actually tried to punch a superhero.


Kara’s anger is spiraling out of control, which is made much worse when General Lane, Lucy (and Lois) Lane’s father comes into town with orders for Supergirl. They’ve been developing a fighting drone, called Red Tornado, and it’s up to Supergirl to test it out. Only her anger takes hold of her, again, and she fights the machine a bit too long, causing it to activate its safeguard. Now there’s a death machine loose in National City.

Not only is Supergirl Kara angry, so is assistant Kara, and Cat Grant’s mother being in town fuels the flame. While Cat is angry at her mother and taking it out on Kara, Kara is angry at Cat and takes it out on… Cat.

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She yells at this woman, her boss, for being mean and not realizing how good at her job she is. Kara explodes on Cat, and then realizes the horror of what she’s done. She’s going to get fired. But Cat surprises everyone.. and I do mean everyone.. and she takes Kara to drinks, and gives her a lecture about how a woman can never get angry in the workplace. A man can throw a chair through a window over a missed deadline and nobody bats an eyelash, but the second a woman throws a napkin, it’s in media everywhere and her career is over.

James deals with Lucy’s father in his own way. After a disastrous dinner, where General Lane voices his concern that James is dragging his daughter down, the glorified paparazzo who aligns himself with special people to make it seem like he is special, also. So what is there to do? James and Kara, both angry as hell, start boxing. James with a punching bag, Kara with a car. Both say what they’re angry at, and punch.. but Kara takes it a little too far when she realizes what she’s angry at and punches right through the car.

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The Red Tornado strikes and escapes, again, before being lured into the open by General Lane. Or a holograph of him. The Red Tornado is being controlled by the creator, who was fired by Lane, so Alex tracks him down, while her sister deals with the immediate threat. Using her anger over never having a normal life, and her parents cursing her when they sent her on that ship, she fights and loses. Her only relief is Alex, inevitably, killing the creator. To which she has a strange reaction… has she never killed someone before? The Red Tornado is lifeless… for a minute, until it begins to function on its own. Supergirl has to use her laser eyes and every ounce of anger inside her to obliterate this beast.

After resting and going back to work the next day, Cat stands up to her mother when she tries to treat Kara like some useless servant, and Cat actually gives Kara a compliment. Which she denies two seconds later. And then klutzy Kara drops a glass, cuts herself for the first time, and finds out that she can bleed.

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