Supergirl Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Livewire

(Due to the tragic events in Paris this weekend, CBS chose to air 1×05 instead of 1×04 this week, due to content matter.)

Thanksgiving came early for our National City crew, but the monsters are still around. Cat Grant is bitchy, per usual, dealing with an evenly bitchy employee, who is spending her Thanksgiving thanking her tongue for the nasty comments she can make about Supergirl. Eliza Danvers is in town to visit her daughters, making Alex’s life a living hell.


Our resident superhero is putting hero-ing on the back burner with her mashed potatoes this year, as her foster mother comes to town. The relationship between mother and daughters has always been strained: she’s always given Kara too much leniency because she was a stranded orphan in a new world, and put too much pressure on Alex to keep Kara in line. Matters are only made worse with the looming anxiety of the judgmental mother, as this is her first visit with Kara out of the closet as Supergirl.

Cat Grant is protecting her label and her famous labeling of local pop star, Supergirl, when a disgruntled employee starts to trash talk Supergirl’s antics on her radio show, paid for and provided by CatCo. Her punishment is harsh: she’s sent to do traffic reports from the helicopter. And as if Cat can personally control the weather, the first day ends with the helicopter nearly crashing and Supergirl getting struck by lightning and conducting it to the reporter, putting her into a comatose state. Is anyone else having Barry Allen flashbacks?

As with all television Thanksgiving meals, they cook enough to make them morbidly obese, especially when it’s just for a group of four, and then they don’t eat any of it. Alex and Eliza get into a fight after Alex drunkenly tells her mother she has secretly been working at the DEO, causing Winn to awkwardly leave.

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I’m 99% sure Alex’s confession went like this:


Kara gets called into the office. On a holiday.

The power is out in National City, thanks to Livewire’s attempted murder of Cat Grant, and we see Cat not being such a horrible monster…

She even asks Kara about her family after a quick mention of her foster mother, and a twisting of the tale of how Kara’s parents died. The first step to her realizing that her dorky assistant is the badass superhero. These women must create an alliance to take down Livewire, well not Kara, but Supergirl, and they create a plan to take her out. With some assistance and a device from the DEO.

Livewire is every nerdy boy’s dream during this fight scene, especially when she uses her energy to create two lightning whips to attack Kara, after Cat all but flees the scene. Her power is strong enough to kill Kara, but alas, Kara won’t let that happen. Using her super hearing, she hears a water pipe underground, breaking through the asphalt to wetten Livewire. Like I said, every nerdy boy’s dream.

Ms. Grant’s near death experience has clearly changed her as she’s willing to learn more about Kara and authorizes a story about Thanksgiving volunteers at shelters and food banks, instead of trashy celebrities. And Momma Danvers has a secret and it drastically changes everything: her husband volunteered to work for the DEO to keep Kara from becoming a lab rat, and died working under Director Henshaw.

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Tune in next week, when we go back to the past to see episode 4!

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