Supergirl Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

The television show with the first female superhero lead is fantastically feministic and destroys any claim of it just being some rom-com. The show certainly has a lighter tone for the most part, but so did The Flash’s pilot episode.

Kara Zor-El was sent from Krypton too many years ago to protect her cousin, Superman. But when Krypton was destroyed, it sent a wave that threw her ship off course and plunged her into a hole for 24 years, from which she arrived on Earth 24 years later, still as her 13 year old self. And thus begins her life of normalcy, the life of Kara Danvers.

Kara Danvers lives and works in National City, for CatCo, under founder, self-proclaimed beauty, Cat Grant. She’s just your average assistant: getting coffee, fetching layouts and lettuce wraps, and taking her 10 minute breaks to go kick some ass. She lives under the shadow of her cousin, the infamous He that was mentioned too many times in 42 minutes.

Get this, the two female leads of this show are, in fact, female. And leads. Kara Danvers is joined by her adopted sister, Alex, and their relationship is the strongest this show will ever do. Though, when Kara expresses her craving to use her powers and stop being normal, her sister is a bitch.

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The transformation from normal to alien is very spontaneous for our hero. When her sister’s plane starts to go down, after another alien bombed it, Kara uses her powers to save her sister. Her only motivation is love. Unfortunately, many civilians upload raggedy, pixelated pictures of her onto the Internet, spawning the dawn of a new hero, a female hero, one that might even counter Superman.

With National City buzzing, and Alex formally filing her complaint, Kara returns to work the next day, unable to purge herself of the thrill. But Kara needs someone on her side, someone to encourage her superhero-ing, so naturally, she tells the coworker that has a crush on her. The same one that will whine about being “friendzoned” in 3-5 episodes… I’m looking at you, Ross Gellar.


But when there’s a superhero, there’s villains. This time, it’s a group of the worst criminals in the galaxy, that were stuck in the hole with her, and crashed on Earth. With her. So, of course, it’s all her fault. Among these is Lumberjack, the burly man who fights with an axe. Clever, huh? This Lumberjack, the self-proclaimed badass that took on Superman, and other more powerful forces, decide that Kara should pay for her mother’s part in putting them in alien prison. They want revenge.

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Now to Kara’s sister, who secretly works for the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, the DEO. Who lied to Kara about why she shouldn’t embrace her powers, why she shouldn’t save people. Who convinces Kara to join their efforts, to capture these alien criminals.

Once Kara has her cliché I’m no hero moment, and the pep talk to get her to try again, she stops the Lumberjack, but surprise! It’s only the beginning.

The saddest part is that the Big Bad, for this season, is Kara’s aunt, her dead mother’s twin sister that wants to rule Earth. She’s basically going to be fighting her mother.

Aliens are crazy.

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