Suits Review: Shame (Season 7 Episode 9)

Mike proposes a power move to boost business;Harvey’s past causes complications; Rachel’s father wants to join forces and Louis mentors Brian

On Suits Season 7 Episode 9, Harvey finds himself in precarious position when he takes on the Attorney General. Meanwhile Louis finds an unexpected protegé in Brian.

An Axe to Grind

Mike proposes an easy win to boost Harvey’s reputation. But, his idea ends up backfiring when the Attorney General turns out to be somebody who has it out for Harvey. Unfortunately, Harvey has no idea who Andy Malik is and that only further inflames the tit-for-tat war. Any is out to prove that he is not only the better lawyer, but the better person. But, all he does is come across as another petty jealous man out to get Harvey. Mike is by his side during the debacle and watching them fight off the bitter AG together is a pleasure to watch. Harvey’s managing style still takes some getting used to since its far more democratic and forgiving than Jessica’s style. But, it works when it comes to battling the firms enemies. Harvey manages to win the first battle, but like every weasel, Andy has decided to go after Donna which leads to the pair enlisting Louis Litt’s help.

Louis’s Protegé

Louis finds himself an ally in Brian when he watches him go off on a client. It seems Brian has a little Louis Litt in him. The two seem to have a penchant for feeling insecure and letting their anger get the best of them. But, with the help of Gretchen and Lipschitz , Louis realizes that he needs to stop to taking his anger out on others. This realization leads to a sweet moment with Brian where he decides to help the young father to make up for his most recent tirade against him. His new-found resolution is bound to be tested when Harvey and Donna ask him to hold a mock trial where they want him not to hold anything back so she can be prepared for her testimony. They know that Malik is going to go after her much like Louis has done to witnesses in the past.

Final Thoughts

This episode was interesting, but it makes me wonder if it will actually lead to a serious shift in the Darvey relationship or if it is merely another tease. Ever since Mike became legit, the show has lost a bit of its panache. But, this could also be due to the loss of the matriarch Jessica Pearson. Has Suits worn out its welcome? Is it finally time to wrap up this legal drama? I definitely think Season 8 should be its last. The show has been on long enough to deserve a proper wrap up.


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