Suits Review: Divide and Conquer (Season 7 Episode 4)

Harvey, Louis, and Donna must get on the same page as Bratton Gould comes after PSL; Mike and Rachel cannot make time for wedding plans.

On Suits Season 7 Episode 4, Harvey, Louis and Donna must circle the wagons as they prepare to fight Bratton Gould.

Circling the Wagons

Harvey and Louis try to put their differences aside when someone uses their continued antagonism to go after the firm. The episode picks up with Louis still very angry at Harvey. Harvey attempts to go to Louis for a temporary truce when he realizes that Bratton Gould is going after both Louis and him. Louis doesn’t believe him at first until Alex approaches him and they bond over the fact that they both have felt undervalued as lawyers. Harvey is able to stave off BGs attacks with Mike’s assistance. But, Harvey and Donna soon realize that someone on the inside is feeding Bratton Gould information on firm dynamics.

Donna sends Rachel to speak with Stephanie. Stephanie is a new hire at Bratton Gould and a former Pearson Spectre Litt employee. Donna hopes that Rachel can smooth things over so she can stop feeding information to Bratton Gould. Rachel goes to see Stephanie and quickly realizes that she isn’t the mole. Turns out it was Jessica. She set Harvey up so he would be forced to bring everyone together. 

No Time for Wedding Plans

Rachel takes her father on a tour of Harvey’s home which also happens to be the venue for her wedding. After her father rightfully rejected Harvey’s apartment as a choice for a wedding venue, he points out that she and Mike need to pick a date. Really? A bachelor pad? Mike and Rachel deserve better. The two lover birds are having trouble putting their personal lives first and are both focused on their lives as attorneys. After a quick talk, Rachel and Mike decide to have the wedding Rachel has always dreamed of (at the Plaza).  Hopefully, this time she won’t have to worry about her husband to be going to prison. This little mini-drama serves as a little fluff to lighten the heavier moments in this episode. 

The Pro-Bono Case That Wouldn’t Die

The case that Mike handed off earlier in the season to Oliver seems to keep landing back on his lap. It’s not surprising considering how green Oliver is. Despite signing a letter that says he won’t be involved in the case, Oliver seems to keep pulling him. It’s not surprising since this is the sort of work Mike really wants to be doing. But, Oliver seems far too incompetent. He can’t seem to handle the simplest tasks without going to Mike first. Normally, that would be endearing, but his penchant for being judgmental makes it hard to like him. 

Mike figures out that the case is not so simple and that Oscar’s son is not the only inmate treated badly by the company running the prison. It’s a good socially relevant case, but its bound to get Mike in trouble. If Mike gets caught, it could cost Oscar and the others everything. But, it’s far more interesting than the usual corporate jerks going after Pearson Spectre Litt.

Side note: I miss Jessica Pearson. Gina adds a spark that even the writers know the show needs.


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