Station 19 Review: Hot Box (Season 1 Episode 9)

Station 19 Season 1 Episode 9
The race for captain is almost over, with the feelings of uncertainty and heightened expectations. Andy displays outstanding brilliance in getting herself and others out of a hot garage but, alas, she gets to know why she or Jack may not become captain.

On Station 19 Season 1 Episode 9, “Hot Box,” a house fire traps Andy, Ryan, Jack and Maya in a hot garage with doors of steel, Miller learns the hard way regarding JJ, Montgomery decides to jump in with Grant, Pruitt confesses to Andy about what he told Ripley, while Jack learns about Andy and Ryan.
In familiar penultimate fashion, loose ends are assembled, previously neglected issues are addressed, and the tempo is set for the upcoming season finale.

Ripping Off The Band-Aid

From the beginning of the season, it has been difficult to define Andy’s love life, especially because of her being stuck between Jack and Ryan. Finally, she seems to have made her choice and Jack now knows she hooked up with Ryan even before their official break up. Station 19 dangles a common double-drama trope, but carefully avoids playing into it. That moment in the garage could have been the moment for the love birds to brandish the truth and start a war, but I love how the drama is reserved for a relaxed atmosphere.

Most importantly, what could be the reason for Andy’s reluctance to open up to Jack about Ryan? Did she still want to keep him on the side? Or, was she just afraid of hurting his feelings? Someone needs to warn Ryan because Andy seems to have volatile emotions. Though Jack feels heartbroken in a very usual way, this may be what is best for both of them. Their race for captain currently hangs in the balance as a result of their indiscretionary acts. Besides, I had always been of the opinion that Jack needed to move on, not just because Andy was confused, but because he is a great guy. Speaking of, Ryan’s colleague claiming that Jack has a crush on her is the comic relief of the episode. With the truth now out in the open, and the captain race still in view, the relationship between Andy and Jack will undoubtedly be salty. The new-found bromance between Jack and Ryan will also fly through the window now, though Jack looks like he will rise above the hurt in no distant time.

Seeing how difficult it is to discover the betrayal of a romantic partner, what becomes of Andy and Pruitt’s relationship after he confesses to jeopardizing her and Jack’s captain chances? Frankly, given his situation, it would have been questionable to support his daughter, but supporting Jack at her expense would also have been disastrous. The likes of Frankel have still not forgotten the perceived favoritism of Andy being made lieutenant. From Pruitt’s explanations, he obviously didn’t want to cause a rift between Jack and Andy but would rather have them join forces against an outsider. As an observer, I can admit that this entire situation is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. Even the team members had a hard time during peer review. Selecting one over the other seems like the wrong move; a neutral person will be the best choice.

Maya seems to have her eyes on the position, too. It is not clear whether she had always desired it or just got motivated because of Ripley’s remarks, but it would be a major plot twist to make her captain, and from all indications, it will definitely breed animosity between her and Andy. At this point, Pruitt should just get well and return to his position as Captain. This whole experiment is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, situations of this nature are the drama for which we watch TV shows. I am curious about how the story ends, and I hope Station 19 sustains the hype it has created so far along this plot.

Taking A Step Forward

Sometimes, it takes an unfortunate situation to help put things in perspective. Montgomery climbs the stairs of character development when he decides to jump in with Grant, despite the fact that he had initially wanted to take it slow. Their chemistry is undeniable, and their story is so romantic and compelling. Nothing seems forced between them, and for what it’s worth, that relationship deserves to continue. Throw drama at them, but keep them flourishing, not just because of representation, but because Montgomery deserves all the love. He is like the glue that keeps the station together with his calm demeanor and wisdom.

Miller, who is hugely responsible for endangering the lives of his team members and others in the garage, learns the hard way about letting JJ run him reckless. It is a tad unfair that JJ is painted in a negative light, like all she does is distract Miller. They seemed like they had something special, but given the impression we got when she first came into the picture, it’s not surprising that she turned out this way with Miller. His refusal to pick up her call could be to impress Hughes and show that he has learned his lessons. I would have wished to keep him with JJ with stricter self-control measures, but whatever direction the show chooses will suffice. We know next to nothing about JJ, and the primary focus is Miller’s wellbeing, so it is difficult to show deeper empathy on her case.

Fortunately, Station 19 has been gifted a second season, which means the opportunity to continue to tell these stories. However, assuming the next episode would be the last, the captain race needs to end already. Granted, it is only a few days before the race is over, but a few days in TV land may be several episodes. That storyline is apparently the main arc of the season, but when a plot starts feeling stale, it’s time to switch it up, or let it go and focus on developing the many characters on the show.


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