Sharp Objects Review: Fix (Season 1 Episode 3)

Camille realizes her younger sister is a little more obnoxious than she thought. Repressed memories fill in the blank spaces of Camille’s mind. The women of the town and the pigs of the town are the at the forefront of the episode, and not accidentally.

On Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 3, “Fix,” as the town tries to adjust its focal point of the killer, Camille tries to figure out who exactly her younger sister is, as well as who her mother has become. At the same time, she is trying to figure out just who the people are within the town, and how they all fit into the puzzle pieces of the town. Despite being an outsider, Detective Willis and she are in the same boat, ostracized and just trying to find truth.

A Town’s View

In an almost ironic representation of their town, young boys chase after a pig in the hopes of catching it. The town, known for its pig farms, is even more represented in the chase of the pigs rather than the animal itself; in the same way that the little girls who have gone missing and died, they aren’t the important ones. Rather, the important things have become catching whoever did it, not necessarily changing anything about the dynamic of the town or the atmosphere itself.

The atmosphere of the town doesn’t change, despite the people within the town seeming to want it to. Despite the way the town is, the way its surroundings are, some things are easy to be controlled; the ability for Camille’s stepfather to adjust the volume on what he is listening to, or for Camille’s mother to baby Amma rather than figure out what it is that is going on with her.

Reality vs. Their Versions of It

The reality of the situation is still being pushed aside. In the same way, Camille is pushing her own truth aside, burying it beneath the mountainous trauma and alcohol. By purposefully running her parallel to the detective, it seems as if their pursuit for truth might not be the only thing in common, despite her isolating her ally in her own pursuit.

Amma Isn’t That Sisterly

Amma and Camille act as antitheses for one another, even down to the music they listen to, Amma with her pop and Camille with her rock and roll, despite that she seemed to have picked it up from a different young girl. With a life littered by women who are either tormenters or tormented, it seems only right that Camille fits that stereotype. The question becomes for her: what stereotype does Amma fit?

As Camille tries to figure out Amma, the younger sister seems to be doing the same thing. But it seems the only clear thing about Amma is her inability to recognize suffering, too oblivious in her own teenage world, despite the ugliness of reality seeping into it at every turn. Instead of being compassionate, she’s taken a different route, and it has shown that she too is ugly in her own way. As Camille seems to want to reach out, despite how it turns out for the young girl in the facility, Alice, Amma lashes out.

The Women of Wind Gap

If the focal point of the episode is women, whether it be the perception the town has of them or of the specific characters, there seems to be an eager communication in how women, specifically young women, are supposed to be, particularly in a small town. The small ways in which the town manages the chaos say more about the town itself than about the people living in it; rather than deal with their issues of how they raise the boys in their lives, the men of their worlds, confront their strongest and starkest reality, they are forced to simply try to keep young girls safe, seemingly a plea in an attempt to change things. In her own way, Camille is doing the same kind of bottling up. She can’t face the reality, so it comes back in fragmented pieces. She can’t ignore the past because it just keeps coming up. And change can only be allowed in if someone lets it. The question is: will the town? Will Camille? Throwing her music out is her measure of control, in the same way her stepfather’s is to turn his down. Both, with their own music, are suffering.

What did you think of Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 3? Will Camille be able to set her aside her own chaos within her mind in order to facilitate change, to save future girls? Will Amma always be this big of a dick? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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