Riverdale Top Moments: A Touch of Evil (Season 1 Episode 2)

Betty distances herself from Archie and Veronica after their closet connection and more questions pop up about what happened to Jason.

Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2 revealed that Jason was actually killed a week later than expected. Cheryl seemed to be guilty of something with the way she gave herself into the police right away. There was also some reconciliation between Betty/Veronica, Betty/Archie, and Jughead/Archie. 

Here are some top moments from ”Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil”:

Betty and Veronica working on their relationship 

No one can convince me that this show isn’t about Betty/Veronica slowly falling in love with one another. Their scenes and that subtext is enough to have me hoping that them both liking Archie is just a cover. It’s not just friendship based, considering how far Veronica goes to get back into Betty’s good side and how both of them took turns being jealous of Cheryl.

Betty and Veronica dealing with their mutual feelings for Archie was bound to happen, but this better be the first and last disagreement they have over it. Archie is really not worth these ladies not being friends, especially when he’s too busy getting seduced by a teacher who should be more wary of how badly she’s breaking the law. 

These two share a bond, with or without Archie, and they would be so much better off just being there for one another. Maybe down the line they could also realize that their love triangle could be quickly avoided if they just chose each other instead, very much like Raven and Clarke from The 100.

Jughead and Archie getting back together 

It looks like Taylor Swift was very wrong, those two definitely got back together.

Now, I didn’t think that Jughead and Archie would figure all their shit out so early, but that’s not exactly a bad surprise. I would love to see more into their past, why they grew apart and how close they were before they did. Yet this reconnected friendship, one that could honestly even border on some romance too, was a cool way to include Jughead in the group.

Archie is spending a lot of time with Betty and Veronica, and while he also found time to engage with Jughead, it was very isolated from the others. With that scene where Jughead and Archie join Betty and Veronica at the diner, it’s like a new chapter in the story is starting. They are molding into a new group, no longer just Jughead and Archie or Archie and Betty. They are forming a new group, one that they will need if they are going to try and figure out what exactly happened to Jason. 

Jughead is already clued in on what Archie heard, will he extend the same courtesy to Betty and Veronica? I want to say yes, but how exactly will he broach the subject of sleeping with their music teach to two girls he’s having a complicated time with?

Kevin standing up for himself and his worth

This was a small scene, but one that really stuck with me. Moose approached Kevin to plan a time to hook up, yet Kevin turned him down because he wasn’t looking for some torrid affair. Moose was obviously in the closet, and that just wasn’t what Kevin wanted to be involved in.

This could open a door for Kevin to have a bigger story, he definitely stuck with me after I saw him put his own wants first instead of just meeting with this guy. I don’t know much about Kevin, but I know enough to think that he deserves better than to be someone’s secret. Not specifically on the romance front, in general I would like to see more of Kevin and where his story might go.

Jason’s autopsy results 

Did Cheryl know that Jason didn’t die that day?

The second the police walked in, she knew she had to give herself in. I don’t want to expect Cheryl to be the killer, even though that would be really interesting, but she has to know more than she’s leading on. My best guess is that she at least knew he didn’t die until later, maybe they even planned it but it went wrong?

Those twincest hints are probably there for a reason; there’s a backstory we aren’t being told about yet, and I’m holding out for it to be very intense and something we could all judge them for. 

Riverdale airs on Thursdays on The CW!

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