Riverdale Preview: Bizzarodale (Season 3 Episode 12)

Bizzarodale was an appropriate name for this episode. Other characters actually got screen-time. 

On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 12, “Bizzarodale,” the core four we are used to step aside for most of the hour and the main focus shifts to 4 other Riverdale High students.

After making an unfortunate mistake, Cheryl spends her time trying to execute a “four step plan” to make things right with the help of Toni. Meanwhile, Kevin and Moose make some decisions about their relationship, and The Midnight Club is temporarily reunited.

Trouble in Paradise

Cheryl and Toni: These two have a lot on their plates this week which is a much-need change from what we’re used to. For one, Cheryl is determined to make it into her family’s alma mater, but someone in her life is equally determined to make sure she doesn’t get in solely for being a lesbian. It’s really interesting to watch how this story plays out, and it results in Cheryl doing something particularly sweet and selfless for Toni. These two make a really good team and genuinely want the best for each other, which shows throughout this episode.

Unfortunately, homophobia isn’t the only thing Cheryl has to handle this week. She accidentally does something she shouldn’t have, and well-intentioned or not, she has to try and make amends. Although I do appreciate the lesson to be learned here, I have mixed emotions about this particular story because of when the mistake takes place. Expect to be really happy and then probably slightly annoyed. (This will make so much more sense after you watch I promise.)

As for Toni, she’s missing the Serpents, and we finally get some insight into what the Serpents meant to her. It was nice to actually get to hear her speak for once, especially about something so important to her.

Kevin and Moose: After a disappointing conversation with Moose about the state of their relationship, Kevin confides in Cheryl about his dilemma, who could apparently spot a fellow gay couple from a mile away. This has somewhat of a domino effect that leads to both ups and downs for Moose and Kevin. Their storyline this episode is all about sexuality, and Riverdale definitely needs to bring those conversations into other episodes (and with other characters) as well. 

Veronica and Reggie: After burning The Lodge’s drugs, Veronica and Reggie are now responsible for coming up with the money to pay back Hermione’s secret buyer, who ends up being a familiar face. In the process of playing Bonnie and Clyde, Reggie gets shot and, needless to say, things don’t go according to plan. 

Archie and Josie: A certain college recruiter is in town this week and Josie is stressed about whether or not she’ll make the cut. Thankfully, she has Archie’s support, and they bond once again through music as she prepares for her audition. Hopefully this means we’ll get to see more of this, as it would be nice to have a more light-hearted storyline in the midst of all the murders, cults, and sex clubs. (Do the writers know their characters are only 16, or has that completely slipped their mind?) However, it’s a shame they’re developing this relationship now knowing the actress who plays Josie, Ashleigh Murray, is most likely exiting the show if the pilot for her new spin-off gets picked up. 

As for Betty and Jughead, they aren’t in the episode much at all excluding what viewers already saw in the promo. I’m pretty sure Betty only spoke 5 words.


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Towards the end of the episode, we learn of another character who was sent to The Sisters of Quiet Mercy for gay conversion therapy. one character moves, and two others come to Riverdale.

No Context Quotes

  • “Operation 50 shades of blackmail is underway.”
  • “I’m having a little snack, before having my other snack.”
  • “I’d bring a fresh set of sheets if I were you. A lot of people have had sex on that cot.”




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The episode premieres on Wednesday February 6th!

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