Supergirl Review: Survivors (Season 2 Episode 4)

Just when it looked like J’onn would move on with someone that connects to his past, the revelation that M’gann is a white Martian destroys the potential of any bond forming between the two. Or does it?

It’s all about survivor’s guilt on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 4. We know that J’onn has struggled with being the last green Martian since he came to Earth, but so has M’gann.

Or so she says.

The end of the episode leaves off with M’gann looking into a mirror and shifting into a white Martian, so what is the truth? More likely than not, she’s actually the white Martian from her story that helped get a green Martian off the planet, but she was outcast and hunted down when her people realized what she’d done.

If that’s true, why has she spent 300 years saying she’s the last daughter of Mars? There’s evidence to both theories, but the fact that she refuses to accept the bond with J’onn is clear enough and pushes the white Martian theory a bit more.

Could the last daughter of Mars actually be out in the universe somewhere? Maybe M’gann actually did help someone escape and succeeded?

Poor J’onn, though. He’s suffered from the fact that he survived but his wife and daughters did not, but now he was given more than a sliver of hope to believe that maybe he wasn’t alone and his old life wasn’t completely discarded.

His refusal to transform into his true form more often is probably due to the fact that he’s alone as a race, and as Hank Henshaw he fits in with the humans, despite being a different race.

Elsewhere, this episode brought all of the homosexual. All of it!

The dynamic between Alex and Maggie continues to get more interesting, and Alex was clearly jealous when Maggie left Alex alone after kissing her girlfriend right in front of her.

Alex’s coming out story should be interesting, but it’s not really going to be a big deal. Kara will obviously accept her regardless, and the only one with trouble would be her mother, but her mother is never around, so that won’t play out too seriously.

But, like, who wouldn’t be jealous after the sweet-talking Maggie Sawyer has done?

Maggie: Do you want to see a dead body?

My favorite new relationship, though probably not going to exceed the no-homo bromance phase, is Mon-El and Winn. It’s nice to see Winn bond with someone other than Kara, and his new role at the DEO is ample opportunity to get in with the superheroes (or get under, but I mean, I don’t write the show and can’t base this on my personal opinion/feelings, so).

All I want is for them to be together though, so comment with some fanfiction links once their ‘shipping base starts to build up.

Though Mon-El’s Daxamite powers may not live up to the Kryptonians, which makes no sense since they were in the same planetary system, it’s always cute to see Winn freaking out about powered people.

Winn and Kara are both so adorable and goofy that they make this show worth watching. Let’s not take either down the path that sweet Barry Allen went down and make them too serious like he’s become now, in Season 3.

Supergirl continues Mondays at 8/7c on The CW!

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