How to Get Away with Murder Review: Is Someone Really Dead? (Season 3 Episode 6)

We’re only a few weeks away from finding out who’s under the sheet, but we know several characters that aren’t. Annalise, who is arrested for starting the fire and potentially murder, Oliver, Bonnie, Laurel (though that’s questionable), Michaela, and… Asher?

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 6 revealed another safe character; though it’s disappointing, are we really surprised? What possible reason would someone have to kill Asher besides the fact that he’s a douchebag?

That leaves three suspects, possibly four if we include Nate, but his death would have little affect on the viewers, and why would he be in the house with Laurel?

The most likely candidates are Wes and Frank. Connor’s death could be considered, mostly because he’s been so vocal about escaping from Annalise and her murder pigeons since Wes murdered Sam. We know Laurel is pregnant, though, so the two highest suspects are her potential baby daddies.

The twist in this episode isn’t who’s alive, it’s why were they in the house? Asher revealed that Annalise called them, assuming all but Michaela who was with her mother, to come over. Did she plan to murder them all for ruining her life? Probably not.

I have a theory: Frank lured the Keating 5, or 4, to Annalise’s to take care of them because everything was fine in his and Annalise’s life before they murdered Sam. He did it to gain favor with Annalise again, and return to his true family and come home.

It’s twisted, but so is Frank. He killed Lila in cold blood for Sam, and killed Annalise’s baby those many years ago. The connection to his victims doesn’t haunt him; perhaps he found out Laurel was pregnant and tried to save her, but died in the process. There are so many possible scenarios.

Annalise’s story this season is a bit dull, so far. Her reputation is being shattered, her abilities as a badass lawyer are being taken away from her, and the only thing she had left that she cared about (her job) is moments away from being taken from her.

It’s probably all a set-up for the story in the latter half of the season, seeing as Annalise is the prime suspect and they’re less likely to believe her knowing she has a substance abuse problem, but for now, it’s just a bit lackluster.

Seeing Annalise kick ass and tear people down in the courtroom was/is the best aspect of this show, and as the scene in this episode showed, she’s now been so completely knocked down that every question she asked the suspect was written off by the prosecution and judge.

Maybe this will give Bonnie a chance to show that she’s a badass lawyer, too, and not just Annalise’s bitch. She may have to defend Annalise in a murder trial, because let’s be real, with all of the skeletons in AK’s closet, there’s no way she can get anyone else to represent her.

How to Get Away with Murder continues Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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