How To Get Away With Murder Review: It’s About Frank (Season 3 Episode 5)

The thrilling reveal of Laurel Castillo’s fate left us craving more, and it was delivered. Not only did we find out Michaela is still alive, but we also were given a big clue to the identity of the person under the sheet: it’s a man.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 5 left us with more questions than answers, but also raised the stakes for each of the players as tensions will begin to rise as we inevitably end with murder and arson.

We’re still left with the question that is eating away at us slowly: who is Laurel’s baby daddy? Given that we’re only three weeks away from the night of the house fire, it’s highly doubtful that Laurel is pregnant by anyone other than Frank. The doctors wouldn’t be too stressed out about a fetus under three months when it comes to saving the mother’s life, so unless Laurel had some steamy hookup over the summer, which is possible, the baby is going to be born with muscles and a beard.

Ah, Annalise. She’s a such a beautiful mess, isn’t she? Props to Viola Davis because otherwise, Annalise would be sort of unbearable. But Viola brings so much to her character, and even her drunk dancing around her house made us feel for her. She’s drowning her pain; the pain that the past two seasons have inflicted, and now with her job in jeopardy, she’s just had enough.

Luckily, Annalise got her clinic back, but the fight isn’t over. The Middleton board is still after her, and who else wants to bet that someone put Simon up to posting those flyers around campus? This is her spiraling year, she’s going to hit rock bottom. We know that in just a few weeks, she’s going to be arrested for murder, given that the person that died was found in her burning house.

No one is having as bad a time as Annalise Keating right now.

Bonnie and Frank are cancelled, take them back. It’s amazing that the characters hooking up was put off for this long, but really? It wasn’t necessary now, except to create extra drama for when Frank is revealed to be Laurel’s baby daddy and he’s seeing Bonnie, while Laurel is tempted to see Wes who said he was breaking up with his girlfriend for her.

It’s a twisted love square and it has to stop. There are more important things to worry about like surviving and murder!

The characters of Bonnie and Frank have more in common than Laurel and Frank, but they just don’t fit the same way. They’re both so damaged, and they need someone to help build them back up, but it doesn’t seem possible for those two. Like, Frank murdered Bonnie’s father to get justice for what he did to her, and if that doesn’t say toxic, I don’t know what does.

Who is alive? Annalise, Oliver, Bonnie, Laurel (though that’s still questionable given her state in the hospital), and Michaela. Those whose fate is questioned: Asher, Connor, Wes, Frank, and Nate. Three episodes left until the reveal, and it’s promised to be killer. Will they twist the plot on us and deliver another body like last season?

How To Get Away With Murder continues Thursday at 10/9c on ABC. Watch the trailer for the next episode here!

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