The Originals Preview: I Hear You Knocking (Season 4 Episode 5)

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, The Originals will address Marcel and Klaus’s relationship. As Season 4 Episode 4’s preview of The Originals shows, father and son will finally deal with their emotions and get down to business in addressing them.

Here’s to hoping Marcel and Klaus finally unravel their convoluted pride and misgivings to work toward fixing their broken relationship. The preview of The Originals Season 4 Episode 5, “I Hear You Knocking,” continues with the extended metaphor of house/property meant to represent more abstract emotions and relationships.

Episode 2, titled “No Quarter,” represents a number of things: New Orleans, commonly symbolized as home, the relationship between Klaus and Marcel, and Klaus’s dejected state at the time. The “quarter” or “home” symbolizes Klaus’s heart in that he felt like he had no home with anyone. It also symbolizes New Orleans. The city that has bonded Klaus and Marcel in the past, and has also kept them adversaries ever since Klaus came back.

Episode 3, titled “Haunter of Ruins,” other than the overt reference to the Hollow haunting the ruins of an old home, it also symbolizes Klaus getting his feet back into the world, through Hope, after he feels like he’s lost himself. Hayley references Klaus’s image in Hope’s mind as a noble ghost. This is an image Klaus doesn’t feel but is working his way toward. I think it also references the Mikaelson family, Hayley, and Marcel coming to terms with where their lives have ended up. It marks the end of one life, the reluctance in leaving the roles they’d become accustomed to, and hopefully the beginning new lives.

Episode 4, titled “Keepers of the House,” shows the new mobilization of everyone. Klaus realizes his heart is better left in people, continuing the “house” metaphor as the heart. Marcel tries to maintain the safety of his heart and home, New Orleans, from the Hollow. And lastly, Elijah and Hayley finally come to a full understanding of one another and themselves, which leaves the question open: “how are you maintaining your house/heart/character?”

And now episode 5, titled “I Hear You Knocking,” which I assume will symbolize Marcel and Klaus’s relationship, as well as their emotions revolving around who they’re trying to be now. As Klaus pointed out last episode, Marcel is seeking to make himself distinct from his father in many ways, including how he handles his enemies. He’s searching for the balance of being a king, by trying not to be a controlling tyrant Klaus used to be. Marcel finds himself with no more family, as the him and The Mikaelsons are currently estranged and Davina is gone. So I believe he’s trying to find his place in this world and in New Orleans with a new perspective on the person he aspires to become.

As I’ve explained in previous reviews and previews, Klaus is trying his best to live up to the person his daughter believes him to be. And in this episode, pre-Hope Klaus, mixed with all his old habits and fears, is personified as his father – the man who scarred him so deeply, he’s been reacting against the way he’s made him feel for 1000s of years. This includes his manipulative and cut-throat ways that have distanced him from his son Marcel.

Klaus came back to New Orleans to find the son, he’d put his heart into, has lived on without him and had the audacity to thrive in his absence. This worked on Klaus’s insecurities of his loved ones no longer needing him, and thereby leaving him alone. So, he placed his love for Marcel and family in New Orleans, trying to bring back the security he felt while he lived there, and decided to take it back.

Obviously, this caused a rift between him and Marcel that has been tearing more and more ever since. Marcel saw Klaus’s actions as pure jealousy and manipulation to make Marcel weaker than him, because he believed Marcel to be weaker than him. So Marcel has fought back tooth and nail, to prove to Klaus, and himself, that he is better than the man who used to be a loving (most of the time) father to him.

And now we come here to this episode, “I Hear You Knocking,” where the Hollow is amplifying these insecure and prideful emotions. Although Marcel or Klaus will try to knock down the other’s walls or enter the other’s mind to fight the Hollow off, they might not be successful. This Hollow has shown to be very strong, and there are decades of hurt and betrayal between the two men. It will probably take more than one heartfelt conversation, or a day of brutally fighting it out, to fix their issues.

I hope Marcel doesn’t die after their previewed altercation. Klaus has lasted thousands of years, fighting people 100x his better and always coming out on top, due to his resourcefulness. Therefore, I don’t doubt our protagonist will make it out of this brawl. However, Marcel on the other hand… it just might be his last day.

Find out the ramifications of the Hollow’s semi-possession, and resulting battle, of Klaus and Marcel on the next episode of The Originals.

The Originals Season 4 Episode 5 will air this Friday on the CW at 8/7c.

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