The Originals Preview: Haunter of Ruins (Season 4 Episode 3)

Fresh off of the action-packed rescue mission, on The Originals Season 4 Episode 3, Klaus demands one day alone with his daughter without dealing with any life or death situations or Mikaelson enemies. However, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be given his wish given that the new big bad now has his sights on Hope.

On The Originals Season 4 Episode 3, “Haunter of Ruins,” seems the family will use the day to meditate on their lives and gauge their expectations for their futures. Rebekah’s answer will probably be to find love somewhere far away from drama where she can be happy. Her dreams have always been simple; they’ve just been hard to achieve due Klaus’s previous obsession with never being alone. Now that he will have hope to (hopefully) keep him well-adjusted Rebekah just might get her chance.

The only information the audience has been given in respect to Freya’s aspirations for life is to be with her family and keep them safe. So there is no telling what she will do when every one else goes off to fulfill their lives. As Rebekah states, Elijah has spent his entire life with the goal to redeem Klaus’s soul. So now that the responsibility is on Klaus and Hope’s shoulders, his bereft expression makes sense – he has no idea what to do with himself now. The juxtaposition of this scene with the moment when Hayley comes to stand next to him alludes to the fact that Hayley might fill his future aimless days.

With all of the previous drama, including Hayley becoming a queen and marrying Jackson and Klaus cursing her and her pack, the couple has had no time to simply be a couple. I don’t believe Hayley has any plans on continuing to be a queen to her pack or go back to the wolves, so there shouldn’t be any more obstacles in their way now. The only issue I’d see with Hope, Klaus, and Elijah becoming a make-shift family is Klaus. He is very protective over his daughter, and although Hope might act to balance his lethal tendencies – testing him too early, with Elijah playing role of step-father, might cause an adverse reaction to the currently reforming reprobate.

Kol will most likely find a new town far away from the reminder of Davina’s death and Marcel’s poisoned fangs so he can go back to his serial killer ways. Unlike Klaus, Kol shows no intent on changing to respect the memory of his past love. However, speaking of Klaus, the new father has a long road ahead as he tries to become a better man for his daughter. As I’ve stated before, his mood swings and violent tendencies have become a comfortable habit for him, and  habits created and sustained over thousands of years are very hard to break.

Since Marcel goes out hunting with Vincent for the new big bad that has begun kidnapping and corrupting children, he will receive no such break in this episode that the Mikaelsons get to enjoy. No one said it was easy being the king. Marcel is seen finally taking this new villain seriously when Vincent comes back from the haunted house shaken up. From the preview and the villain’s past victims, it’s clear he’s targeting children with magical abilities.

Our bad guy’s preference will not only prove to be a problem for Marcel as he tries to maintain peace in his city, but also the Mikaelsons as they try move on with their lives. Hope ticks every box in the villain’s wanted list: young child, check, magical abilities, check check. It appears the more children the ominous being kidnaps the more powerful it becomes. First it was only seen in a haunted house on the edge of the city, and now it’s appearing in full daylight on the Mikaelson property as Klaus tries to have a drama-free day with his daughter.

We’ve gotten small hints here and there about the new big bad, but now this episode seems to zero in on our sinister villain. I’m on pins and needles in wait to find out what it’s motives are and what it has in store for Marcel, Hayley, Vincent and the Mikaelsons.

Don’t miss The Originals Season 4 Episode 3, Friday at 8/7c on The CW.

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