The Flash Preview: Wallace (Season 3 Episode 6)

After creating Flashpoint, Barry is stuck cleaning up the mess that Alchemy is creating for him by giving the meta-humans of the Flashpoint universe their powers in this one. Though it’s all under one condition: stop The Flash.

Who’s ready to have their heart broken? The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 will surely end with Wally as Kid Flash, but will Alchemy’s control over him break apart the West family?

As you can see in the preview, Iris is going to slap/punch Wally in the Star Labs makeshift prison area. Let’s not make us watch our favorite brother/sister duo physically fight, please?

As much as Wally needs to become Kid Flash, if only to stop his incessant whining, shouldn’t the writers have made him a hero first? Barry fell into his powers, while Wally craves them. He wants to save people, and he needs to realize that he can do that without speed, too.

Meanwhile, I just want to know who the hell Alchemy is. Is it Julian? Possible. But clearly this person has abilities that outweigh those of a general meta-human as he can return powers from an alternate universe.

Perhaps he escaped accidentally along with Barry? Maybe Eobard brought him along on their journey without Barry’s knowledge for the sole purpose of destroying him?

Whatever his motivation is, it must be a lot like the reason Barry changed the timeline. This person was probably happy with their life in Flashpoint, and they might’ve even remembered the other timeline due to their abilities. Then Barry changed it back and they lost everything, just like he did.

If I had my everything ripped away suddenly because Barry couldn’t keep it in his pants, I’d be pretty angry, too.

After The Flash Season 3 Episode 5, I can’t help wondering whether Alchemy is responsible for Caitlin’s powers, too. Who knows how long he’s been active in this timeline? Plus, Caitlin seems to be having the same problems that Magenta had with her alter-ego taking control unexpectedly.

The Killer Frost from Earth-2 didn’t seem to the moral struggle that our Caitlin is having.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 airs November 15 at 8/7c on The CW!

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