Supergirl Preview: The Guardian Arrives! Wait, Does Anyone Care? (Season 2 Episode 5)

It’s time for a new hero to rise in National City, or rather, a vigilante. No, this isn’t a superpowered meta-human or alien; it’s James Olsen, stepping into the light as the Guardian.

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 5 promises to deliver on a story for James Olsen, but does anyone care about the Guardian?

Supergirl is a series about aliens, and when it crosses over with The Flash, then it’s about aliens and meta-humans. It’s not about vigilantes, and neither National City nor Metropolis are a place for such people to try to “save the day.”

Sure, there are regular criminals, too, in the city, but the majority of the ones wreaking havoc are like Livewire; could James Olsen have really stopped Livewire?

It’ll be nice for James to get an actual story of his own (though he actually won’t because Winn will be helping him out as a better Felicity Smoak). But those that want to watch vigilantes take to the streets to fight with martial arts and clever deception can tune into Arrow on Wednesday nights, that’s not why we watch Supergirl.

Elsewhere, Mon-El continues his journey into becoming exactly like Clark Kent and Kara Danvers by taking a job at CatCo. This new bond with Kara is interesting, but it seems that they’ll be going down a romantic path, which just doesn’t work.

Season 1 was spent building up to Kara and James getting together, but after they finally kissed, it was torn down in one episode. Kara discovered who Supergirl was, but now she needs to find out who Kara Danvers is, and she needs to do that alone. Becoming involved with Mon-El just increases the time that she’ll spent clinging onto the alien life that she was forced to leave behind when her parents sent her away from Krypton.

The question this week is do you care enough about James Olsen to tune in?

Supergirl continues Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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