Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil

Riverdale created a wonderfully addictive world in it’s pilot episode, but it’s only just the beginning. 

Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2 digs deeper into what actually happened to Jason and it sounds like there’s already a suspect that will be charged for the crime, as everyone else in the town continues to hide their own secrets. 

There’s so many ways this new show can go, but at least there’s no doubt after Riverdale Season 1 Episode 1 that the series won’t tone down just how sexually-fueled this town really is and how dark they’re willing to go.

Archie seems to be owning up to the fact that he and Ms. Grundy didn’t tell anyone the gunshot they heard, the one that obviously connected back to Jason’s murder. But then he turns around and makes another move on his teacher, or at least that’s what we’re lead to believe with all that time that they seem to be spending together. 

The other characters are all going to continue to cross paths, yet can they be trusted?

This small town is hiding more than just one secret, and everything might be at risk if there’s a murderer amongst them.

Jughead appears to be looking into what actually happened, which is giving himself a much clearer view instead of hiding in the shadows of the diner.

Now what about the adults in the town? Some really wanted Jason dead; they had motive, but did they have the means to make that happen? And what about Veronica’s mother receiving all of that suspicious cash? 

Not to mention Cheryl’s behavior now that her story could be pulled aside for questioning. Is she hiding something and if so, could she have killed her own twin brother? Who killed Jason?

The mystery continues to take form on Riverdale at 9/8c on The CW!

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