How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 4 Preview: Another Body?

As if the question of who is under the sheet wasn’t enough, now we’re left wondering who the second person that was found in Annalise’s burning house is.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 4, “Don’t Tell Annalise,” promises to deliver shocking slaps and twisty turns in the lives of the Keating 5 and Annalise.

Who is under the sheet? We’re dying to know, no pun intended. As of yet, none of the Keating 5 has been excluded as the victim, but it’s more than likely that the survivor of the fire is one of them, but according to Bonnie in the trailer, they cannot tell who it is.

Will this character survive? With such substantial burns as they’re sure to suffer if they cannot be identified, this person is going to have to undergo drastic makeup for every episode they’re in, so can we really expect them to survive?

Just who is this character, and what was their role? It’s possible that this person survived because they started the fire, which is a more than likely explanation. Things go awry, they try to escape but fail because of whomever actually died from the fire that probably wasn’t supposed to be there, and they’re caught in the crossfire.

We know literally nothing yet, except that Annalise, Bonnie, and Oliver survived, but the motivations for this crime are sure to unravel soon.

Prior to the fire, Annalise is caught slapping someone – a judge, a client? – and her license is suspended. She’s already facing termination at work, and now without a license how is she supposed to run a law clinic if she can’t be the overseer of the students? Will Bonnie take the lead for once and stop playing Annalise’s overprotective shadow?

The danger is rising as tensions are heating up between everyone, including the Keating 5. Who do you NOT want to die? My hope is Laurel is definitely not under the sheet.

Watch the trailer below! How To Get Away With Murder continues Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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