How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 3 Preview: The Hunt for Frank

“The person who makes it out alive is one hell of a shocker.”

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 3 promises a shocking survivor of the mess at Annalise’s house, as well as a desperate turn in the hunt for Frank.

Do you believe Frank could be guilty of Mahoney’s murder? Or is this just a twist to throw us off of the real killer’s trail? If he didn’t do it, why did Frank go on the run, and why does Annalise want to hunt him down so badly?

A high-stakes case throws the group, especially Annalise, who already has to deal with Middleton Law School threatening her job and her future position with the school.

What’s next for Laurel Castillo?

She seems to have more-than-friendly feelings for Wes, who currently has a girlfriend, but she’s still consumed by Frank’s absence in her life. Is she going to start helping Annalise find Frank for those motives, or is she just helping them to get a location on her man?

Laurel seems the type to pretend to help to get what she wants, and then turn on them and tell Frank how to avoid getting caught. If her love for him is real, what would she risk to keep him safe, and how will she balance the feelings between him and Wes?

Now to what’s really important: Annalise’s arrest.

She’s being booked after he fire at her home, and the murder of the body under the sheet, so she’s naturally the prime suspect. How the hell is she going to get herself out of this one?

Are there any suspects for who the murderer/arsonist could be? Could they be two people? Could Frank and Laurel turn into a modern day Bonnie and Clyde?

Things are heating up on How To Get Away With Murder, which continues Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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