Pretty Little Liars Review: The Wrath of Kahn (Season 7 Episode 9)

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9, “The Wrath of Kahn,” Hanna goes rogue as she attempts to take down Noel Kahn, who she presumes is their new stalker. Elsewhere, Spencer, Emily, and Aria try to uncover where she went as they, too, dig into Noel Kahn and his past.

Hanna: It’s over, bitch.

That’s right, Hanna. It’s over – as in, you’re over. These girls still haven’t learned from any of their past mistakes, and they continue to lose evidence that could point the police to a new suspect, motive, and the toward the truth.

Spencer lost the flash drive with videos of Noel Kahn being Charlotte’s helper as they were kidnapped and trapped in the dollhouse. He is the one that put the fake blood all over Spencer and her “bedroom” letting her think she killed and/or hurt someone.

She thought she hurt someone for five years and didn’t know otherwise. She had to cope with that fact; this fact probably shaped her character in so many different ways while she was growing up and evolving in the real world, where she wasn’t being tormented by a crazy sociopath.

Meanwhile, Hanna went off the grid to do some stalking of her own. Her target? Noel Kahn. Instead of being a victim, Hanna took matters into her own hands, and she actually accomplished something: she found Sara’s broken cell phone in a bag of garbage that Noel threw away outside of the city. But, being Pretty Little Liars, Hanna’s attempt to confront and threaten Noel with this evidence went badly.

Not only did she lose the phone, she also failed to drug him, making him even angrier than he was before. Clearly Noel was involved with Charlotte, though the extent of their relationship hasn’t been explored. With ties between Jenna, Noel, and Charlotte, what is their overall connection? Did they really just hate Alison and her friends that much?

But hold on, we can’t forget about the rendezvous between Jesus and Aria. I mean, Jason and Aria. The flashback to their affair gave hope to the Jaria shippers that thought all of their dreams crashed and shattered back in Season 2 when Aria chose Ezra.

Could there still be a spark that might put an end to Ezria once and for all? After all, he did rush to another country because his old love was possibly alive, and just because she is actually dead doesn’t undo the feelings that were provoked in Ezra with the hope that Nicole could be alive.

Paige’s return to town is insanely sketchy, too. More sketchy than the “Pigskin” episode in Season 3, and when she gave Emily a love-dunk in Season 1. She’s watching Sabrina way too closely because of her involvement with Emily, while trying to weasel her way into Emily’s life again. What does she want, and how far is she willing to go to get it? Why did her and Emily break up in the first place, and is there hope that this could be a healthy relationship once again?

Probably not if Paige hurts Sabrina like I suspect she will. Those crazy eyes just don’t go away, and if she’s willing to almost drown Emily because she loves her, what could she do to someone she hates?

After all, something has to drive Emily back into Alison’s arms to drive all of those shippers berserk before the end of the series.

On the next episode, somebody gives the blind girl a gun, while Hanna’s kidnapping of Noel leads her to calling in an old friend with an expertise in this area: Mona.

Jenna has a gun in her arms and is ready to use it as she and Noel attempt to trap Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Alison to make them live through what she did so many years ago. Game on, bitches.

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