Pretty Little Liars Review: Another Crazy Cousin? (Season 7 Episode 7)

Hanna: Now you have another cousin who wants to kill us.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 7, “Original G’A’ngsters,” finds the girls starting to cope with their secretive murder, although they may just be at peace now that Sara Harvey died in the shower.

Just when we thought every hidden DiLaurentis family member was revealed, another is brought up, because why wouldn’t Mary have had a second child? How many damn children does this family have?

Though, unlike Charlotte, there is no information on the child who was also born in Radley. No name, no gender, just the date of birth. Which is the same age as the girls.

Suspicious, eh? Could it be Andrew Campbell? Why else would his adoption storyline have been brought up and disappeared so rapidly in Season 6, and he even looks like he could be related to the DiLaurentis family.

Let’s stop making up new family members for Alison that want to kill her and her friends because it’s grown weary. Possibly if this cousin was good, and became actual family to Alison like she’s always wanted, then this decision would be forgivable. However, there’s no doubt they won’t go down that path.

Speaking of, Jesus returned. I mean, Jason. But his sexy Jesus thing is working surprisingly well. How long will his return be? If he keeps threatening Mary, it’s doubtful he’ll be sticking around very long.

What’s most interesting is the return to Jason’s flashback at their Aunt Carol’s house, when he was sure Jessica was hiding Charles inside. She wasn’t, but she was hiding Mary, like she always did.

Was Jessica the evil twin? Was it her fault Mary was locked away in Radley? Jessica told her that Charles was dead, even though she knew perfectly well that Charlotte was alive and, well, not unhealthy, at Radley.

There’s so much we don’t know, and we’re running out of time. There’s only 13 episodes until the Season 7 finale which is supposed to be the series finale. What is the importance of Jessica’s lair and her search/Ali’s realization that she knew Alison was alive?

Why did A.D. take Aria’s file and leave Spencer, Hanna, and Emily’s? Clearly Jessica must have been getting close to an answer, and maybe that’s why she was murdered. Or, Mary had enough and took matters into her own hands. This is plausible, after all, Jessica signed off on Mary receiving electroshock therapy.

Could Aria be the secret child and that’s why her file was taken? Aria Drake? She’s always been a bit shady, and the worst thing Charlotte did to her was force her to dye her hair pink.

We need answers and we’re running out of time, Marlene King. Also, how dare you play with my five-year yearning for Aria and Jason to get together and tease that they hooked up over the five year jump? That’s just not right.

With Nicole possibly alive, Aria’s engagement is hanging in the air, while Noel Kahn’s shady activity in Rosewood is painting him out to be A.D., so we know for sure it’s not him. But why return now, and is he responsible for Sara’s death?

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