Pretty Little Liars Review: Along Comes Mary (Season 7 Episode 5)

What happened to the answers Marlene King promised us? Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 5 just added more questions to the insurmountable heap that has been piled season after season with little to no actual answers.

Alison: She’s just going to keep acting like a demented den mother if you’re here.

As if things couldn’t possibly get worse in Alison’s life, she’s released from Welby, but under one condition: Mary Drake stay with her until a social worker can process the case of abuse between Alison and her “missing” husband.

Who is going to break first?

Hanna, who actually murdered the man in question? Emily, Spencer, or Aria, who helped cover up the murder?

Or Alison, who felt the deepest betrayal by this man who pretended to be a Dr. Elliot Rollins for five years to get in her good graces under an assumed identity, and was in love with her old friend/sister/cousin/whatever the fuck Charlotte is to her now?

With Jenna back in town, her surprise alliance with the unbearable, I-dread-having-her-on-my-screen, abominable Sara Harvey is not going to keep any of the liars safe. The Jenna Thing and The Sara Thing could still haunt them, even if not with criminal charges.

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My bae Noel Kahn is back, and there’s an even larger alliance brewing: the Three A-migos. But his return brings questions. Where has he been? Why did he hate the girls, but helped Alison while she was on the run? What did she have over him?

There’s still so many things we don’t know.

But there’s no way Elliot is still alive. He was “seen” after his death, but it’s Pretty Little Liars, we all know they’re fucking with us, like always.

Or, I guess, Archer Dunhill. An ugly name for an ugly person. What did he ever have against Alison? Was he really just after her money? It’s possible. He was with Charlotte first, who held all the funds to the Carissimi Group, but after she was put in Welby, her “siblings” took charge of the stocks.

If he’s not A.D., who could be? His motive never really made sense, so personally I’m glad, but what would really be interesting is if Archer and Wren were related somehow. Everyone has to tie together somehow.

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Why was Jenna working with Archer? It’s all so confusing. We have 15 episodes left of the series, get on the damn answers. We know nothing. NOTHING.

It’s so conflicting to see Mary Drake. I want to believe her, I want her story to be true, but I know she’s lying and I can’t help but want to root for her. Bravo to Andrea Parker because Mary is one of the most compelling characters that have ever been on this show.

Will Mary and Alison have a real relationship if she isn’t guilty? That’s a big if, but that relationship would be doubtful. There would never be trust there. Mary is too secretive, and Alison isn’t trusting whatsoever, but who can blame her after everything she’s been through?

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