Pretty Little Liars Review: Hit and Run, Run, Run (Season 7 Episode 4)

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 4, “Hit and Run, Run, Run,” the liars find themselves in the tightest bind of their life: murder.

Not only did they murder Elliot Rollins, whose real name is actually Archer Dunhill, but they covered up the murder in true PLL fashion: poorly.

Poor Hanna. She’s always had it the worst out of the girls, and this is no different. The other girls would only go down for aiding and abetting, Hanna is the one responsible for driving the car into his smug mug.

But all of the girls would’ve gone down so quickly if it weren’t for Mona Vanderwaal, Rosewood Queen, who shows up to help them dispose of the evidence.

After a frightening moment where Hanna and Aria fear they’ve lost the car, Mona returns it good as new, so there isn’t a torched car sitting in the middle of the woods. Because that was a super smart idea, y’all.

Mona: Well, you two sure know how to ruin a surprise.

Mona has always been my favorite character, so I’m biased, but this is the Mona we’ve deserved since Season 4. She’s truly helping them because even after everything, she cares about them all in some way, but mostly Hanna.

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This would be the perfect way to truly revive the friendship between Hanna and Mona, which began in this episode. Mona knew Hanna broke it off with Jordan before Hanna told her, and not even her best friends figured it out.

Mona put herself in the line of fire to help save Hanna’s ass, even returning to Rollins’ car and retrieving a bracelet that could implement her.

But these girls are all still stupid as hell after seven years.

Yes, pretend Elliot took off on a train, plant his car, sneak Alison back into Welby, it’ll all work out. Have you all never heard of cameras? Pretty sure that hospitals, especially, always have them. But no, no, you do you, because Rosewood doesn’t follow our standard laws in the United States.

Jenna! The bitch is back, and the bitch cannot see! She’s as blind as ever. But her return really makes the show feel fresh again, like we actually are back at the beginning, as the liars said they felt.

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They’re covering up something they all did to someone, Jenna is keeping secrets and seemingly plotting against them, while their lives keep falling apart. How does Jenna know Archer? Did they meet while he was her patient, or was it somewhere else? Did Charlotte know who he really was?

After seven years, it’s time for the show to start wrapping things up. We have 16 episodes until the final episode of “Pretty Little Liars as we know it,” so it’s time you writers start giving us answers to the thousands of questions you’ve prompted since Season 1.

And, please, let this Mona in on the group. It’s much more interesting, and Aria and Mona have the best snarky comments together.

Aria: Do you make it a habit of inserting yourself into other peoples’ homicides, or just ours?

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