Pretty Little Liars Review: The Talented Mr. Rollins (Season 7 Episode 3)

The liars make their biggest mistake yet on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3, “The Talented Mr. Rollins.” That mistake? His murder.

Before I continue, let me just ask: what the hell is wrong in Rosewood? What kind of town are you? What kind of medical practices do you run? Who lets a husband medically treat his own wife?  Your entire town needs to be shut down, you’ve all failed. Go home.

It was only a matter of time until the girls figured out that Elliot was neither who he said he was, nor was he a loving and devoted husband dedicated to treating his wife and ensuring her mental stability.

Oh no, he played them all, girl.

His plan was almost perfect, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids and their dog (Caleb). Getting hit by a car is kind of incidental, also.

How ironically sad that Hanna is the one driving the car as they collide with Mr. Rollins, whose identity is from the 1950’s, and who also spent his free time with Charlotte on an Amish farm.

Did she do it on purpose? It wasn’t the first time she’d almost run over someone who hurt her. Remember Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 25, “unmAsked,” where in the moments after Mona’s reveal, Hanna pulls the same stunt.

Six years later, plus two horrific torturous experiences, and a recently broken engagement, and Hanna is almost as emotionally unstable as Alison, who hasn’t slept in weeks, due to Elliot’s drugs that he loaded her up with.

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Hanna’s pain was insurmountable and faced with the opportunity and means to kill the person who tortured her, it’s perfectly possible she did it on purpose at first, but the regret and guilt are going to eat the liars alive.

Can any of them live with this? They’ve done some pretty messed up things, including blinding a girl, but murder? That’s even out of their league. Good luck escaping Rosewood now. You girls are all tied together with the darkest secret you’ve ever had.

If Elliot is dead, does that mean there is only one tormentor after the girls now? How will Mary Drake react to the last thread to her daughter being murdered just the same? The bitch is already crazy, will this make her crack?

After seven years, these girls should’ve learned something, but they’re almost exactly where they started, but with much darker secrets and harsher consequences.

Did Alison actually kill Charlotte? Who knows. But Hanna was right.

Hanna: Whether she did it or not, she doesn’t deserve to be tortured.

Elsewhere, Spencer’s entire love life crumbled as she became aware of her failed relationship with Caleb, and Toby proposed to Yvonne. Hurray! Now Spencer has more time to endure another mental breakdown at the stress of covering up a murder.

How can Spencer, a murderer, ever get back with Toby, a police officer, now? She’s going to have to live with this crime for her entire life, and he would lose everything if he helped her cover it up. It doesn’t matter that it was self-defense, they have no proof.

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And poor Hanna needs to realize what a mistake she made breaking up with Jordan. Yeah, you still have your high school feelings for Caleb, but Jordan is sweeter, nicer, and treats women better than Caleb’s been treating Spencer. He also looks like he was chiselled from a rock by a god, so Hanna, you need to hop back on that.

But no one was as disappointing as Aria Montgomery. “We were in the dollhouse together, I understand.” Do you? In the dollhouse, you weren’t being physically tormented, and you knew your friends were there, too.

Hanna was being electrocuted with a cattle brand, left alone in the pitch black, and no one in her life knew where she was. Tell her again that you understand, because Charlotte cutting your hair and forcing you to dye a strand pink was so very horrifying.

With Jenna returning, is their first crime cover-up going to haunting loom over them as they attempt to mask the second? Who will break first?

Alison’s walk back to Elliot’s body seemed like she’s going to be the bad bitch in town again, which is exciting. Ain’t nobody got time for churchy Alison.

Pretty Little Liars continues Tuesday on Freeform.

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