Pretty Little Liars Review: Bedlam (Season 7 Episode 2)

As if Alison’s life couldn’t get any worse. On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 2, “Bedlam,” the liars have put Alison in danger once again, while Elliot’s presence threatens her sanity and wellbeing. 

Trapped in the sanitarium, Alison is in and out of consciousness, while Emily pleads with Dr. Rollins for visitation.

The scene between Emily, Alison, and Mary is probably one of my favorites ever. Whatever the hell is happening to Alison has made her memory weak, and she asks her mother (Mary, her aunt) why she buried her alive oh so many years ago.

Mary: Sometimes those secrets are actual people. Imagine that.

Hanna: And that’s who you are? One of those secret people?

Mary: Not anymore.

That’s an interesting question.

We know that Charlotte is Mary’s daughter, not Jessica’s, so why did Jessica help cover up her niece’s crime instead of over saving her daughter’s life?

Obviously we didn’t get the full story, yet.

Mary Drake is easily becoming one of my favorite characters on Pretty Little Liars. Her past is so bleary, and Andrea Parker is slaying. I want to know more about her backstory, and I’m glad the writers waited so long to introduce her.

Waiting five seasons for answers would’ve been too long for what is in store with Mary back in Rosewood.

Do you believe her story? That Jessica killed the 10-month-old baby, and framed Mary? Could their sibling rivalry have been that bad? Or was Jessica always the attention seeker, wanting to be the best in everyone’s eyes?

That’s how Alison was, so it’s believable.

Poor Alison. On the next episode, Elliot is going to literally muzzle her. What even is this show? He would be fired so quickly. He’s torturing her under the guise of mental treatment, which is insulting to those who actually deal with mental disorders, and is just gross to watch.

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Hate her or not, Alison doesn’t deserve this. She can hardly even remember who she is.

What did she ever do to Elliot? Mary was in on this plan for the money of the Carassimi group, but what’s Elliot’s motivation? Did Charlotte make him hate her that much?

It seems that A.D. is not Elliot, but is in the sanitarium, too.

Hanna: Spencer, can I have something stronger than coffee in here?

Hanna broke up with Jesus himself.

We all saw it coming. I mean, Jordan is way too good for any of these Rosewood bitches. But Hanna’s relationship with him was adult and mature, which was refreshing to see.

It’s understandable. She can’t tell him about Uber A, but rushing back into Caleb and Hanna seems forced.

Speaking over, this Hanna/Caleb/Spencer thing has to end. The writers did so well about not creating a love triangle involving two of the girls for six seasons and then screwed it up.

Caleb is clearly over whatever he had with Spencer and lusting after Hanna again.

Writing these two together again is purely for the fans. Taking a realistic approach would’ve been refreshing, as most people don’t end up with their high school sweetheart. And with Ezra and Aria already back together, everyone else missed their shot. Go home, try again next series.

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With Hanna pursuing her new fashion business, with Lucas’ help, hopefully we see her mature as a person, a woman, and an artist. She makes the same mistakes, and she has since she was a teenager.

These girls need to grow and realize the mistakes they’ve made over the years. Framing Alison for Charlotte’s murder was the dumbest move they’ve made.

Taking the words of two people who had been drinking heavily that night, and a red sweater, and getting murder from that? It doesn’t add up. Just like all of the holes in Charlotte’s “confession.”

If Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer would quit making the same mistakes and end their unhealthy friendship with Alison, all of their problems would be solved. It all began with Alison and her family. They just became bystanders in the war.

Meanwhile, Liam needs to be frank somewhere else.

Yes, Aria broke your poor, little, geeky heart, but if you couldn’t see that she was still hung up on her high school English teacher, that sounds like a personal problem.

She was just not that into you, bro.

With Mary Drake roaming the streets of Rosewood, and Elliot getting evil and demented toward Alison, what are the girls going to do?

They have to realize their mistake at handing over Ali, and they have to save her. How can they get her out of a mental institution when her legal husband is the one holding her there?

Pretty Little Liars continues Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform.

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