Pretty Little Liars Photo Preview: Did [SPOILER] Kill Charlotte? (Season 7 Episode 19)

Who killed Charlotte? Is Loser Mona back? The preview for the next Pretty Little Liars episode promises to deliver on answers for these secrets, but it’s sure to leave plenty of questions for the final two-hour episode of the series on June 27.

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19, “Farewell My Lovely,” the girls think they’ve finally figured out who A.D. is, but we all know that’s not true. The girls think Mona is back to her old tricks, which you know, maybe she is, but she’s not A.D., that’s been clear.

Mona Isn’t A.D.

As much as the girls want to believe Mona is back to her old tricks and tie up the mystery, it’s not over, and Mona isn’t their number one enemy. Sure, stopping her now will ensure she can’t take the game back and torture them in the future, so they’re stopping a future enemy, but Mona only got roped into this because of Hanna.

She wanted to help Hanna by figuring out the game and figuring out who A.D. is, and Hanna let her, which was like giving crack to an addict. Mona’s addicted to playing with lives; it’d be like one of the girls asking Spencer to use speed again to stay up and solve the mystery. They’d be sending her spiraling backward in her life, which is exactly what happened to Mona. She turned into A again. So, in the last photo below, it’s clearly Mona sitting down, but she’s not A.D. or their enemy. She did this to help, which just got her sucked back into her mentally unstable high school days.

The Penultimate Episode

The episode before the series finale is here, and Charlotte’s killer will be revealed. The photo below suggests Mona killed Charlotte, but could that really be so? Would they really accidentally spoil that? It’d be out-of-character for a series and network that’s worked so hard over the years to keep secrets hidden until the episodes air.

Maybe Mona gave Charlotte the flowers, apologized or explained why she changed her story, and left. Someone else could’ve killed Charlotte; everyone believed it was Mona from the time it happened, especially after she changed her testimony at the last-minute, so a bigger plot twist would be someone other than Mona killing Charlotte. But this is Pretty Little Liars.

Check out the photos below!


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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19 airs Tuesday, June 20 at 8/7c on Freeform. Follow Canary Sisters on Twitter!

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