Pretty Little Liars Review: Farewell, My Lovely (Season 7 Episode 19)

The hunt for Dunhill’s killer comes to an end as someone unexpected takes the fall for the girls, while other truths are revealed in the search for A.D.’s identity.

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19, “Farewell, My Lovely,” Mary takes the fall for killing Archer Dunhill and Jessica DiLaurentis to save Spencer and her friends from going to prison, after Tanner and the police force catch them with solid evidence.

Mary the Murderer

It’s clear at this point that Mary is willing to do anything to protect her daughter; she sacrificed the little freedom she had, since murdering Jessica, to confess to Dunhill’s murder, saving Spencer and her friends from going down for the murder Hanna committed. Poor Mary. She’s never been free; she went from being held down by Jessica, to held down by Radley, then she killed Jessica to break free but Peter Hastings was unfortunately still there, carrying on her sister’s legacy. And now, she’s literally going to prison. Mary Drake will never be free.

Why is it fair that Mary is going to jail for a murder that her daughter’s friend committed? Once again, Spencer must suffer and sacrifice because of her friends, and the rest of them get off scot-free. Spencer’s always been the one targeted for murders, even though she’s the only one who has never murdered anyone. Her biological mother gave up their one chance to get to know each other after just finding out the truth to give Spencer a life. A free life.

What could this mean for Mary’s future? Well, it’s possible she isn’t going to prison, considering her history of mental illness. It wouldn’t be hard to spin the story to mental inconsistency, which would land Mary a much lighter sentence in a mental institution, rather than a hard-knock life in maximum-security prison. As we see from the promo, Mary and Spencer are reunited a year later, yet she’s attacking Spencer, but that’s another theory for later on…

Loser Mona

Poor Mona. What a great full circle moment for the series, but poor Mona. She just wanted to help Hanna and the other liars; she wanted to get them to accept her as part of the group, but nonetheless, Mona tried to protect them, and it blew up in her face yet again.

Mona: You needed me. Just like you needed me to take care of Charlotte after all of the terrible things she did.

Mona tried so hard to be part of the group – to protect these girls she so desperately wanted to be friends with – but every time she tried, it blew up in her face. She’ll never be part of the group. Not because of the things she’s done, which is definitely a big factor contributing to the fact that the girls can never really trust Mona, but because they’ve been through so much together, all because of what Mona did and the aftermath of that. Mona starting the game, even though she was/still is suffering from a mental illness, led to everything that’s happened, just as much as Alison’s past did.

But if the girls are so quick to forgive Alison for everything she did, even though she’s done literally nothing to earn their trust and respect back, yet Mona has literally killed (accidentally) to protect the girls, and it’s hardly acknowledged. Spencer knows better than anyone what Mona is going through because of her own experience with trauma and addiction, which we saw from how she treated Mona in this episode, yet Spencer seems to always be the one with the biggest grudge against Mona, so which Spencer are we supposed to believe?

I can’t blame the girls for not forgiving or trusting Mona after she was A, but I hate the way the girls treat her. There’s a fine line between not forgiving and actively hating, and the girls are still guilty of that. They dislike Mona, and they’ve never even tried to understand why she was A, whereas they tried to understand why Charlotte kidnapped them. If they could understand Charlotte’s story enough to let her out of Welby when she literally kidnapped and tortured them, why have the given no effort to understand why Mona was A?

Mona has a mental illness and an addiction, and she wasn’t in complete control of her actions during that time. She wasn’t living in this reality, rather than the reality she created for herself. In her world, Mona lost Hanna to the other girls, whether that actually happened or not. Mona stalked and tormented them, but what she did was nothing compared to what Charlotte did to them. It’s not an excuse for her actions, but it is an explanation that she wasn’t in complete control. Alison turned her into Loser Mona when they were in high school, and it’s Alison that changed Mona’s reality to one where Mona could be in control and not suffer as much every day at Alison’s hands.

And are the girls forgetting that Mona’s been through more than they have? Mona was kidnapped by Charlotte months before the girls were, and Charlotte convinced everyone Mona was dead so no one would look for her. Mona had no hope of ever getting out because everyone, including her own family, believed she was dead, while as soon as the girls were taken, they were considered missing and the police were hunting them down. Charlotte tortured Mona more than she ever tortured the other girls, and she took advantage of Mona’s mental illness when she was in Radley, again for much longer than Spencer was.

The point is, despite everything they’ve been through, why were the girls so quick to understand Charlotte’s story and listen to her and Alison’s pleas that she was better, when they have repeatedly denied Mona that same opportunity for six years?

Spencer and Her Bitches


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Pretty Little Liars should’ve always been Spencer-centric, because the series is just so much better that way. These last ten episodes have been very heavy on Spencer; she’s been accused of murder (again), found out she’s been lied to her entire life, was used by a police officer she was attracted to, lost her family because of A.D. and Aria, and now she’s lost her biological mother because of a murder her best friend committed. And that’s not even including everything that’s going to happen to her in the finale next week, including being stabbed and/or injected with something by Mary.

Spencer is the best liar to take the lead, and she’s become the leader of these girls in the last few episodes. Despite everyone attacking her for everything she’s done, even though they’ve done just as bad and made just as many mistakes, they look to Spencer for answers, and she’s become the middle of the group. Gone are the days of Queen Alison running the show and making a mess of things; Spencer is the only mature, intelligent adult in this group, and she seems to be the only one with an actual understanding of life.

As we saw when Tanner and her police friends caught the girls at the grave where Dunhill was buried with shovels, Hanna’s first thought was to question how they were getting out of it this time (only to be saved by Mary), while Spencer’s was to tell the truth. She saw they were at the end of their lying game and, no matter how hard they try, the truth always catches up to the girls.

It still seems like Spencer’s twin is in the running, or maybe running the story, but hopefully that doesn’t change the Spencer we’ve come to know over the last seven seasons, or even since the flash-forward. She’s grown so much and become the best character over the course of the series, and Troian’s incredible acting abilities are responsible for that. Without her, this series wouldn’t have held up as long as it did. She’s arguably the most talented of the actors on this show, with Janel in a close second, and many of the incredible, emotional scenes wouldn’t have had any reaction otherwise.

Looking Forward

As we all prepare for the series to come to an end, we’re still left with so many questions. Who is A.D.? Does Spencer have a twin? What happened to Eddie Lamb? We’ve so many questions left and so little time.

The trailer for the next episode seems very Spencer-centric, which supports the theory she has a twin, but which Spencer are we seeing in the trailer? There’s so much unaccounted for information in this series, so it’ll be interesting to see if the Pretty Little Liars writers were able to wrap up the story nicely without too many loose ends.


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