Pretty Little Liars Review: Playtime (Season 7 Episode 11)

It’s been a long time since Pretty Little Liars was this good. The disappointing mid-season finale left us watching Spencer bleed out on the floor of an abandoned house, while her life was turned upside down by a revelation from Mary Drake: Mary is her mother, not Veronica. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Spencer also doesn’t even know who shot her anymore as Jenna’s gun wasn’t a match to her bullet wound. Can’t this girl catch a break?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11, “Playtime,” A.D.’s final game was unleashed on the liars as their lives became thrust in an aggressive version of killer Monopoly. It’s kind of ridiculous, but you know, it just seems like a perfect ending for the series that has thrived on ridiculously unrealistic stories.

Mary’s Story

Let’s start off with the biggest shocker of the episode: Mary’s story checks out. That’s so sad. Spencer just found out that her entire life has been a lie, she’s still actually related to her worst parent, and worst of all, she’s Alison’s cousin. Is it going to sink in soon that it was actually her sister, Charlotte, that tortured her and locked her in the dollhouse? I know these girls all have it bad, but Spencer has it the worst. Alison is related to them too, but Spencer is Charlotte’s sister.

Veronica doesn’t deserve any of this either. She sacrificed some of her self-respect and took in Spencer, Peter’s love child with his mistress’ twin sister, and she already knew that Peter already had Jason with Jessica.

Veronica: She’d come to borrow something like any neighbor; a lawnmower… or a husband.

Mary not only tried to ruin her marriage, but she took one of her daughters away from her too. Veronica raised Spencer from birth, not Mary. Veronica is the reason Spencer turned into the woman she is today; she may not have always done a great job, or have been the greatest parent, but she tried her best and made sure Spencer stayed with her biological father and grew up with a family instead of in foster care. (That’s more than we can say about the twin that Spencer surely has.)

Aria’s Relationship

Ezra and Aria just need to call off their wedding. There isn’t enough time in the series to fix these two, or the mess that their relationship has become over the last few episodes. Since Nicole got back, it’s been clear that Ezra has too many feelings for both of these women, and after what Nicole has been through, realistically he’d stay with her, and their wedding would be pushed off indefinitely.

Everyone would think Ezra is a terrible person if he left Nicole hanging, and if there were more time to resolve this story and time for Ezra to reconnect with Aria again, it would be more believable that these two would be getting married by season’s end. Marlene screwed them up. Well, she did that by revealing Ezra was writing a novel on Alison’s disappearance and stalking the girls. Aria should’ve never gotten back with him after that, so the fact that they’re together six years later and engaged is disgusting and doesn’t show a lot of self-respect on Aria’s part. He was stalking you, girl.

Hanna and Mona

Vandermarin, yes! Hanna and Mona’s friendship has been sorely missed, and it’s nice to see these two finally reconnecting. Mona really is better now, and while she may not be able to undo what she’s done (like running Hanna over and leaving her like Texas roadkill), she’s truly trying to change and to earn Hanna’s friendship back.

It’s a damn shame that everything Mona does is second-guessed. She truly tried to help Hanna start a career in fashion, and get people wearing her clothes, and a simple misunderstanding turned Hanna against Mona again.

Mona: Do you trust me?
Hanna: Sometimes.

With the final episodes winding down, hopefully Mona gets some sort of redemption arc that salvages her relationship with Hanna. These two have been at odds for far too long, and they truly had a great relationship once. Mona was insane, and she worked through her problems, and now she wants her best friend back. Not that Hanna should just embrace her with open arms, but Mona has tried really hard to help all of the girls, and they could at least keep her at arm’s length, rather than football field’s length.

The Love Triangle

Take it back, Marlene. We don’t want it. Look, I know everyone wants to force having feelings for Emily down Alison’s throat, but it doesn’t work that way. Alison has always made it clear the only “feelings” she has about Emily are the ones where she manipulates her to get her to stay, so Alison doesn’t have to be alone. That’s the only reason they ever slept together, and the reason behind every one of their kisses.

Seeing how Alison reacted with Paige at their school committee meeting, it’s clear that Alison isn’t ready to be a mother, or be in a relationship with anyone. She fell into old habits so easily, and Paige didn’t even provoke her. Alison straight up attacked Paige, guns blazing, and tried to take her down like she was charging at her on a lawn mower.

Paige is the better option for Emily; she’s made mistakes, plenty of them including a “love dunk,” but Paige never manipulated Emily’s feelings for her. Everything Emily felt with Paige was real, and she never questioned that. Paige always just tried to protect her, whether in the best way or not, and to see these two not end up together after all they’ve been through, just so Emily could end up with Alison to appease their fandom, isn’t right. Follow the story’s natural progression, right? It’s Emily and Paige.


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Pretty Little Liars returned stronger than it’s been in a long time, and while they’ve introduced more questions, hopefully we finally get the answers we’ve all been looking for, and not just in the series finale. That’s not enough time to answer seven seasons worth of unanswered questions, but knowing Marlene, that’s what’ll happen.

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