The Pretty Little Liars Will Save Hanna, But Should She Die?

After six seasons of Pretty Little Liars, we’ve seen Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna escape death more times than they’ve breathed. 

With Season 7 approaching, Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) is in dire trouble, being held hostage by the figure who is trying to get revenge for Charlotte’s murder. The murder Hanna idiotically confessed to, in a last effort move to get A-moji off of their backs.

Somehow, these girls and their boy toys thought they could outsmart another figure who is always one step ahead of them, but again, they were proven wrong. What they did uncover though is a much darker secret: Charlotte’s real mother is Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin.

Hanna’s life is in the balance, again, bringing up an important question: after six season of nearly facing their death, should one of these girls die to raise the stakes?

So many Rosewood citizens have died, partially due to the liars, but none of the girls has… yet. In fact, after four seasons, they brought the only dead liar back to life, while later faking Mona Vanderwaal’s death, too.

Death is always written to be feared, but none of these girls have ever truly been confronted by it.

If any of the liars were to die, how would it affect the story and the other characters? The writers try to go darker with each villain, so should Hanna perish? Or one of the other girls?

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It’s hard to take death seriously on a show that has written their way out of it, twice, and hasn’t truly killed off a main character; they’ve only gotten rid of supporting.

Personally, I would be sad to see Aria, Spencer, Emily, or Hanna go. They’re the infamous foursome that has brought this show the fame and hype it has received for over six years now.

If anyone were to die, Alison would be my choice. We’ve already seen the show without her.

Sasha Pieterse is a phenomenal actress, but would anyone really be sad to see Alison go? She was “dead” for three seasons, and probably would’ve stayed that way had the show not been extended from five seasons to seven.

Alison is the reason these girls have been tormented for so many years, so her death might finally bring them peace, and they could move on and experience a normal life. Her psycho family has been behind two/three of these big bad’s.

Besides Mona, who tormented the girls for taking Hanna away from her after the hell Alison put her through, Charlotte tortured these girls because she was told they were happy Alison died, but then she became addicted to treating them as her dolls. Now, Charlotte’s mother is coming after the girls for Charlotte’s murder, but she may not be A-moji, or A.D.

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The writers have to raise the stakes higher than ever if they want to go out with a bang, and the only way to do that would be killing off one of the beloved characters we’ve watched for so long.

Yes, it would hurt, but it would give the others motivation to go on, to take down their tormentor(s), and to lead a normal, happy life after.

I’ve always fantasized about the ending of this show, and one of the endings I’ve foreseen is all of the girls murdered by A as Lucy Hale’s “I guess I should’ve learned how to lie a little better” plays in the background. Fade to black.

Pretty Little Liars returns Tuesday, June 21st at 8/7c on Freeform!

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