Pretty Little Liars: A Pretty Little Proposal

Six seasons later and Ezra Fitz has finally asked Aria Montgomery to be his wife on Season 7 Episode 5 of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars. You can read our review of the episode here.

As I watched the episode, I was impatiently waiting to see who the Pretty Little Liars proposal was going to be between, how it was going to happen, and if that liar would say yes.

Being an Ezria fan since the beginning, I knew one day this had to happen, and the fact that the duo are creator I. Marlene King’s favorite couple didn’t help either.

Now, we wait for not only one week, but two weeks, just to see what Aria’s answer might be.

Two weeks? I thought waiting a week for this episode was long, and now we have to wait even more just to see if Aria and Ezra are truly engaged.

It all started that first day when Aria walked into the bar and struck up a conversation with the cute guy sitting next to her. Little did she know, that moment in the bathroom would soon become the start of something real. Everything from that moment has led to such a whirlwind.

Their first kiss in the pilot episode. The first time Aria said ‘I love you’ in Season 1 Episode 13 and Ezra in Season 1 Episode 14. The moment Ezra picks up Aria as she is walking through the pouring rain in Season 1 Episode 7. The moment Ezra leaves Rosewood to begin his job at Hollis College.

“You must give up a life you planned in order to have a life that is waiting for you.”

The moment Aria runs to find him after having his last class at Rosewood in Season 2 Episode 2.

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The passion Aria has for Ezra leaves me breathless as the beautiful melody of  “Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet” by Adam Agin plays in the background. This scene could quite possibly be one of my favorite scenes, as well as their epic rain kiss in Season 2 Episode 17, where they reunite after weeks apart when they divulge the true nature of their relationship to Aria’s parents.

And of course their first time in Season 2 Episode 24. What’s not to love about them? Ever since their relationship started, we, as fans, have experienced so many ups and downs with this couple, but no matter what has happened, these moments and challenges always make them stronger. Ezra being faux-A, ring any bells? Ezra knowing who Aria was because of Ali, and his book on Alison’s disappearance?

People still try to tear them down, saying he used her and saying he doesn’t love her, but are you watching the same show I am?

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Relationships are all about being able to overcome the obstacles thrown your way. Aria and Ezra have had their fair share of obstacles, but isn’t that the point in all relationships? Aren’t you supposed to go through challenges to see if you can make it? Will this next challenge be too much? Will Aria tell Ezra what her and her friends did to Elliot Rollins?

If not, her happiness could be in jeopardy. Her fears of going to jail because of “Elliot” could stop her from saying yes. But this engagement, this moment could change it all. Could we finally get a happy ending on this show? Could we really see them walk down the aisle, while B-26 is playing?

Is Aria going to say yes? Would she allow herself to finally be truly happy with the one man she loves?

“Aria Marie Montgomery, will you marry me?”

And just like that Ezra proves his love to Aria is real. The answer to Pretty Little Liars Proposal will be revealed on August 2nd, which can’t come soon enough.

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