Pretty Little Liars Preview: How Could We Let This Happen?

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 kicks off June 21 at 8/7c on Freeform and, as creator I. Marlene King promised, will find the girls making their biggest mistake yet. And that mistake is… murder?

Last we saw of them, the girls had figured out that Mrs. DiLaurentis has a twin, who was Charlotte’s biological mother. Making Alison and Charlotte cousins, not sisters. (Still gross that her and Jason kissed, and this isn’t going to fix that, Mar.)

Meanwhile, the twin and Alison’s husband, who used to be Charlotte’s lover, made her believe she was crazy. Crazy to the point that she checked herself into a mental ward because she was having visions of her deceased mother and Detective Wilden.

Hanna found herself in the biggest trouble of them all. After she faux-confessed to Charlotte’s murder, the liars and their respective boys had a plan to keep her safe. But when do their plans ever not go awry?

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Instead of keeping her safe, the liars let her get kidnapped. Now they’re on a mission to find her and keep her alive, but will they exchange her life for someone else’s?

Aria, Spencer, Emily, Mona, and the boys, have 24 hours to find Hanna, but is their a cost? What is their side of the bargain? Could they be forced to commit murder, or is it just a freak accident?

With the cops breathing down their necks all the time, if they did commit murder, just how long would these girls be able to get away with it? It’s an ode to the Pretty Little Liars novels, where the girls did murder someone, but she was planted by -A for that exact reason.

As you’ll see in the promos below, this is going to shake the girls, and they’ll either come out of it stronger than ever, or they’ll finally break. Who is the blonde hanging like Ian Thomas? It sure looks like Hanna, and we know he survived that fall, so maybe she does too.

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