Pretty Little Liars: Before The End of “A”

As this season of Pretty Little Liars comes to an end, at least half of the season, the girls are closer than ever to finally putting an end to (as the show’s creator, I. Marlene King, calls him) “Big A” and his game. In the season five finale, A, also known as Charles DiLaurentis, captured the four liars and took them to join Mona at his underground dollhouse. This season, they’ve been struggling to adjust to life back in Rosewood after their escape, with the key clue to finding out just who this monster is, and adjusting to the authorities and their parents being aware of his existence.

Charles also captured and held Sara Harvey, who was mentioned in only the one episode after the girls found out Alison was alive, for three years, though the show has been sketchy about her and her past. (I have a few questions: is she actually Sara Harvey? Where was she when the dollhouse was being built? How did she adjust to life again so easily, and not have any issues? Where is her therapist? And why is she all over my girl Emily?) So naturally, she escaped, and she came to live with Emily.


With the stakes higher than ever, and Charles so close to being caught, he’s getting ballsy. He wants his dolls back. After being captured for three or four months, Mona has disappeared, rarely to be seen this season. Her only quest in Rosewood was to clear her friend Lesli’s name, when Charles tried to frame her. Turns out Lesli knew Charles and Bethany Young (the “dead” girl in Alison’s grave) in Radley and they did not get along.

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An update on minor characters in Rosewood: Sara Harvey has used her Alison clone status to seduce Emily Fields, and gone to live with her old friend, Claire, that we also saw in that one episode a long time ago. Melissa Hastings is no where to be seen, supposedly still in London. Andrew Campbell was sketchy and listened in on the girls, found out he was adopted, and vanished into thin air. The only minor character still dumb enough to be in Rosewood is Jason DiLaurentis, whose father left him at the house alone after Charles sent a birthday invitation/death threat.

After a botched attempt at trying to capture Charles, he’s spent the last episodes of season six very angry and ready for revenge. His familial connection with Alison and Jason is set to be explored and explained in the finale, along with who he’s killed and why he’s tormented these poor girls, whose only mistake was being friends with Alison.

In this last episode, 6×09, titled “Last Dance,” the girls are banned from their senior prom, only to be lured by Charles and Red Coat, in an attempt to finally capture, or kill, Alison. The PLL Moms, who hopefully are the center of the next season and a half, finally all entered the same room and started drinking wine, which led to Veronica Hastings stomping over to Kenneth DiLaurentis’ house to confront him about Jessica’s body being buried 10 feet away from her lilacs, and ending the night locked in his basement by Jason’s clone, Rhys Matthews, who could be, but is probably not, Charles. The fairytale-themed senior prom ended with a slight variation on the traditional happy ending, with Alison being kidnapped by Charles, and shocked when he took his mask off. But, of course, we still have to wait a week to find out who he is. That would be too easy.

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With only five days until the iconic, three season long story of Big A comes to an end, theories are abuzz in the fandom. Many have concluded that “Dr.” Wren Kingston is actually Charles DiLaurentis, and is working with Red Coat and Black Widow, who are two different people, will also be unmAsked in this episode, and we will finally find out who hit Bethany Young over the head before Melissa Hastings buried her alive. How will they wrap up six seasons of questions into 40 minutes? They probably won’t, so don’t get your hopes up. There doesn’t seem to be any logical way, but with Pretty Little Liars, using logic isn’t always logical.


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