‘Pretty Little Liars’: Stop Risking Alison DiLaurentis’ Life

The Pretty Little Liars would’ve solved most of their problems long ago had they stopped worrying about the life of Alison DiLaurentis. If they’d never been friends with her to begin with, they would’ve never been tormented by any of their stalkers, and they would be living a content, adult life, free of the murders of Rosewood.

All roads lead back to Alison DiLaurentis in Rosewood, not Radley. Herself and her family have caused issues for everyone in that small Pennsylvania town.

Before she disappeared, Alison led Rosewood High as the Queen Bitch. She relentlessly tormented her peers, leading them all to being crazy and violent. (Like Mona, who genuinely thought she killed Alison until she realized she killed an innocent girl. An innocent who happened to be dressed like Ali. Because that awful ugly, yellow top is everywhere.)

She returned, but instead of changing her ways, Alison had to toughen up again as Charlotte framed her for murder and turned her best friends against her. She resorted to manipulation and fear to achieve what she wanted, again. Being sentenced to life in prison changed Alison DiLaurentis. She’d lost all hope for her life, and once released, she genuinely wanted to change and become a different person.

Yet, here we are. The five year time jump made each of the liars older, but Aria, Emily, and Spencer are still making the same mistakes. As much as we want to believe Alison has changed, she’s never been capable of murder. She can ruin your life with a flick of her wrist, but murder? I don’t think so.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1 threatened Hanna’s life, if the others did not hand over Charlotte’s killer to A.D., their new tormentor. Who do they hand over? Alison. Who is strapped down and drugged in a mental institution, after Elliot and Mary Drake tricked her into believing she’s crazy.

Aria, Emily, Spencer, Mona, Caleb, Ezra, and Toby all handed Alison’s life to someone who is willing and capable of killing her for Hanna’s life. What does it say about their friendship that these girls would so easily become convinced of Alison’s guilt and accuse her of murder, twice. TWICE. There is no trust between them in their unforgettable bond.

Forget the fact that the only “evidence” they have is a red sweater that Aria and Ezra thought they saw Charlotte wearing the night she was murdered. Let’s not forget the fact that both Aria and Ezra had been drinking excessively that night.

They essentially handed over Alison’s life because of a hunch. And it’s Pretty Little Liars, so there’s no way whatsoever that Alison killed her “sister.” Now, Hanna and Alison are in danger, but Alison is trapped and being tortured by her faux-beau, Elliot, who happens to be a respected doctor. The others didn’t save anyone, they just risked the life of an innocent person.

Alison’s involvement in their lives has repeatedly led to severe consequences. That girl and her family are just screwed up. Her mother’s twin, Mary Drake, now roams Rosewood with a vendetta against Alison and her friends. Repeatedly, these girls play into A’s tricks to villainize Alison, putting her life in more danger than before. Perhaps if Alison had stayed dead, or these girls mutually decided to part ways, they could all bring some amount of peace to their lives.

But, for now, they must #SaveAli.

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