Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 10 Review: Game Over, Charles

And the award for most disappointing mystery resolution goes to….

Anyways.. at the end of last week’s episode, the Pretty Little Liars were at their Prom, from which they were officially uninvited by the school, after Alison was lured there by Charles. Because, after all Alison has been through, why shouldn’t we expect her to sympathize with a psychopathic stalker, just because it is her brother?

Finally getting his prize, Charles kidnaps Alison at the end of the episode, revealing himself… but only to her, we were left to wait another damn week.


The episode starts with the girls and A on the roof of Radley, with A about to jump off and end the game his way. Alison is pleading with him not to jump, and each of the girls says something along the lines of understanding why Charles did what he did, with Hanna even saying, “We heard your story. We understand.” I’m sorry, but why on Earth would anything Charles say make any of them understand after he tortured them for years and literally kidnapped and tortured them for three weeks, after framing them all for murder? Especially Hanna. A screwed with her the most. After this short scene, the episode flashes to earlier that night, and that’s when you know an episode is about to get janky.


After Mona shows up, scaring the girls to the point where I’m surprised Aria didn’t have a heart attack, the girls leave Prom the back way, before being sent home by the Rosewood PD. And then they’re at the Carissimi group headquarters, to break into Charles’ secret room, and for the first time, Sara Harvey is useful. She gives them the code and then stays outside, because she doesn’t like tight spaces…. and the liars get trapped in the room… All right, Shady Harvey. Go take a shower.

Charles turns on his hidden Radley cameras and shows Alison trapped in his old room, with Mr. DiLaurentis and Jason drugged on the floor, looking dead, but completely awake… (this is apparently why Mona looked dead after Thanksgiving… nice try, Marlene.) Alison pleads with the mysterious black hoodie, who decides to finally reveal themselves, in tradition serial killer fashion, and it is none other than…..

Cece Drake.


It’s time for the “answers” we’ve been waiting for. Cece Drake is actually Charles DiLaurentis, who is actually Charlotte DiLaurentis, and Mrs. DiLaurentis knew the whole time.

Charles was sent away after accidentally trying to drown baby Alison, and grew up at Radley, and his father never came to visit him. Mrs. DiLaurentis managed to make time to visit, with two other kids, a husband, and two affairs. Bitch still didn’t do more than Alison did the night she went missing, which was more than I’ve done in my entire life. While at Radley, Charles met Bethany Young, who was older than him, and she knew he liked to wear dresses. One night, when they were like twelve, Toby’s mother came up to the roof and Bethany pushed her off and then went crazy and blamed Charles. Mrs. DiLaurentis paid Wilden off to cover up what happened, and there are so many plot holes in this story, which I will list at the end.

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Anyways, Bethany was a crazy bitch the whole time she and Charles were at Radley, and Charles randomly went away one weekend and came back to Radley as Charlotte. So, every time Alison got an outfit, Mrs. DiLaurentis bought the same one for Charlotte, which is why there was another girl in Alison’s outfit that night. Funny how they decided to wear the same outfit on the same night. That girl was Bethany, and she was going to hurt Mrs. DiLaurentis for having an affair with her father, and just because both bitches were crazy.

Thinking Alison was Bethany from behind, Charlotte grabbed the rock and hit her.. Only it was Alison, not Bethany and then Mrs. DiLaurentis buried her alive, not checking for a pulse because everyone in Rosewood is stupid.

Then it turns out Mona hit Bethany, thinking it was Alison.


Again, everyone in this town is crazy as hell.

But even in these flashbacks, we didn’t see Bethany’s face, which leads me to believe there is a reason. Perhaps, she’s the infamous PLL twin? Only whose twin would she be?

In the season two finale, Mona was visited by someone in Radley in a red coat, and said, “I did everything you asked me to.” Cece recalls that event, saying Mona thought she was Alison…. and in the biggest plot twist of the episode, the red coat, was actually a red robe…. Cece tells a drugged up Mona to tell her everything, which involved everything about the A game and the girls, which led to her stealing the game.

And with the biggest cop out in television history… Sara Harvey is not only Red Coat, but also Black Widow. This irrelevant character that we met 10 episodes ago, was the one who pulled the rest of the girls out of the lodge fire, which was Cece’s chance to kill the girls, and to lure Alison out of hiding, but Shana messed it all up.

I’m still not sure who set the fire.


Cece apparently didn’t kill Mrs. DiLaurentis either, but found her dead while the girls were in New York and buried her.

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Then the A game stopped when the girls returned from New York, and Cece flew to Paris. But it started again, because the A game was like a drug to her, she was excited by it. What a great reason to continue torturing these poor girls, I’m sure they can understand that… Not.

With the girls realizing that Red Coat is going to blow up Radley for Cece, they take off to save Alison, only to discover that Sara is Red Coat. And the voice of the fandom enters Emily Fields as she punches Sara Harvey for betraying her and making her get an ugly tattoo, while Spencer Hastings disarms the bomb.

Realizing her plan was defeating, Cece takes to the roof and is prepared to jump to end the game. Alison begs, and for the first time, calls her Charlotte, which leads her to her getting off the roof and ending the game.

Five years later:

Alison is now Mrs. Rollins and a teacher, and in comes the four girls, telling Alison to run because “He” is already here…. It was only a matter of time before Jesus came hunting you down, Alison.

Now for the plot holes…

  • Wilden was the same age as Melissa and Jason, so if Charles was 12 when Marion was pushed off the roof, then he would’ve been like 10. How was he a cop then? (Possibly it was his father, but that leads to more plot holes.)
  • According to this episode, Marion died in 1998, but in the season two Halloween episode set in 2008, Toby says his mother died a year before. And we saw a flashback of Alison and Toby where Marion walked in, so Alison must have been four years old, seductively saying, “I know you wanna kiss me.”
  • Why would they include incest if they planned the whole time for Cece to be Charles? Cece dated Jason. Jason kissed two of his sisters, why would the writers do this?
  • Why didn’t we see Bethany’s adult face? Could she possibly be Sara Harvey’s twin? Marlene tweeted a fan asking if we would see Bethany’s face, and she responded with “That’s a tricky question to answer.”
  • How did Cece get from Rosewood to New York in an hour, after burying her mother?

So much was “answered,” but so much didn’t make sense, or created more questions. Looks like we’ll have to wait until January to see if they elaborate any on these questions. Pretty Little Liars returns in January to finished the second half of season six.

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