Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episodes 2 & 3 Review: Songs of …

Season six of Pretty Little Liars started strong, and while it remains to be, each episode lacks any of the answers we were promised for the “Season of Answers”. While still not knowing what happened the night Alison went missing, we received no answers in 6×02, and few in 6×03. So, thus begins this merged recap…

6×02: “Songs of Innocence

After escaping from the insane asylum, the girls return to Rosewood Hospital, unfortunately, this time they aren’t tormented by the ghost of their “dead” best friend. Mona Vanderwaal has disappeared again, but she hopefully wasn’t murdered. 

Each of the girls has their issues to work on: Aria has to explain her hip, new haircut, and how she dyed the pink out of her hair in the ambulance. Hanna struggles with looking at her friends, though it’s unknown what Charles made her do. Emily burns the clothes from her sporty, lesbian look, and begs her mom to bring her a purse. And Spencer pleads for drugs to help her sleep.

Once they return home, their parents are delighted to see them.

Andrew has been arrested, he is A, but of course, it’s Rosewood, so he’s probably not. The girls are expected to sleep again, now that their captor has been captured, but none of them are able to cope with what happened to them in that dollhouse.

Spencer really wants those pills, and her mother screams at her to welcome her home. Ah, the Hastings..

Emily wants to feel safe, so she breaks into her parents’ safe and takes a gun to the shooting range… only to be screamed at by her mother.

Aria goes down to the station after Andrew is arrested to give a statement, but after realizing how awful their case is, she lies and says she saw his face while they were in Chuckie-ville. And then her mother welcomes her home by arguing with her over that lie..

Hanna’s mother remains to be the only sane one. As Hanna tears down her room, Ashley is lost, scared and confused as she cannot help her daughter. She forcibly tries to get Hanna to tell her what happened to them, which was her main mistake. But she’s the only mother that doesn’t attack her child.

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Welcome home, girls…


Sara Harvey is also there, aimlessly wandering around Rosewood after running away again.. Did this bitch not learn the first time? When talking to Emily, her new live-in gal pal, she asks if the girls are sure that -A is Andrew… but they aren’t. And neither is she.

6×03: “Songs of Experience

The girls are still struggling with their month in Mona’s head, but each is ready to return to Rosewood High and finish their last three weeks of high school.


After feral Sara’s wise words of Andrew’s innocence, the girls are back to square one on the Charles trail. Ali’s confrontation with her father about Charles DiLaurentis was a bust, as he denied that any such person exists, but Jason knows otherwise.

Instead of going to school, Aria spends her time with Ezra at his new coffee shop, looking for answers about Andrew’s past. Emily is guilt-tripped by Sara into staying home with her. Spencer gets distracted with Jason, questioning him about Charles, since Mr. DiLaurentis is a liar. And Hanna, the only one to show for school, spends her day in an empty classroom with Dr. Sullivan.

Hanna, still looking for comfort after Charles performed the Milgram experiment on the girls, goes to Dr. Sullivan with more internal strife than we’ve seen her. She talks about the games, but doesn’t tell her about A being Charles. Not without the girls. Sullivan then suggests that Hanna round the girls up for a group session, to which she complies.

Aria, at The Brew, or whatever it is now, hides in the back, photoshopping her pictures. Somehow in Rosewood, where we’ve seen everything in that town, Aria has captured some bizarre and stunning shots of things that probably don’t exist in the United States, along with pictures of Andrew. With Ezra’s help, and no answers about who Andrew is, they call the hospital, as the police, to get his medical information. Obviously they have never seen a crime show, because they aren’t able to get medical information over the phone, however, they do find out that his place of birth and birth date were sealed.. because of his adoption.

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Emily, with Sara and her mother, skips school to help her live-in gal pal adjust to life outside of her savage homeland. Sara’s mother has disowned her, though suspiciously, we haven’t seen her in a scene with her mother…. My bets are that she is A’s brainwashed puppet, spying on the girls. Sara Harvey is struggling to adjust back to life in general, especially with people, after the news described her as “feral”…


After Ali’s dead end, Spencer’s hunt for answers is the same as ever, and this time, she goes to Jason. Jason doesn’t know of any Charles DiLaurentis, but does know of a “Charlie”… his old imaginary friend that his father told him “had to go away”. With this new clue, Ali brings the girls over to search her house of any evidence of Charlie.. only to find a photo in a button jar of the two boys and Mrs. DiLaurentis at the Campbell apple farm.

While the girls are about to tell Dr. Sullivan of Charles DiLaurentis, they get a FaceTime call from Sara.. Except it’s Charles holding a knife to sleeping Sara, threatening to kill someone if they tell her about him.

With evidence that Charles is real, and Jason’s memory of the boy he used to know, Ali and Jason confront Mr. D again, and as the camera fades, he gives them information that we have to wait another damn week for.


Thanks Marlene.

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