An Open Letter to Trump Supporters and Those Scared of His Presidency

As a white man, I understand the frustration, sadness, disdain, and anger many Muslim, Latinx, Black, and other peoples will have towards me and those that look like me. I don’t blame you, I share those similar feelings with those that look like I do. White privilege has left us in this position with Donald Trump, an openly sexist, racist, homophobic (not to mention how homophobic his running mate is), Islamophobic, xenophobic, and all together disgusting man elected into the highest office of power in our country.

As a gay man, I woke up with the fear for my life as our country delves into four years of hatred and division, though it’s not nearly as dangerous for me as it is for the Muslim, Latinx, and other peoples that Trump and his followers have openly attacked.

The election of this man that has shouted out his racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and homophobia, and been cheered on for it, has created a divide that can never be healed.

To everyone afraid for the lives of themselves, family members, or any loved ones: I am so sorry.

My repulsion has consumed me since the news was announced that, in 2016, our country is still as oppressive and racist as ever. The people afraid of change after the amazing results of Obama’s eight years as POTUS has left them so afraid for their privilege that they’re inherently the most important people in the world that they’ve taken us back to the fight for civil rights. 

To the older generation that voted for Trump: you’ve royally fucked us over. By us, I mean the Millenials, who have to live with the lasting results of this sham of an election for the next 60-80 years. You complain about us, but all we want to do is create a stronger, united nation that is inviting and safe to everyone that stands, or wants to stand as an American.

We want to see everyone respected as a human being, and we understand that being white isn’t one of the characteristics one must have to be human. We want to become a nation that truly stands together, regardless of gender, race, religion, or any other factor.

Going on about immigration and “they’re stealing our jobs” is frankly fucking ridiculous as, at some point in all of our history, our European ancestors immigrated here and stole basically everything from the Native Americans, and the White people enslaved so many others for so many years.

Donald Trump has stood for nothing but hate throughout his campaign, and has smeared the name of the United States forever. How long before mine and many others’ right to marry is taken away? How long before women have no control over their bodies and have to seek out/potentially die from illegal abortions because an old, straight, white male gets to decide what she does?

America has never been “great” for anyone, except for the white supremacists that have always taken whatever they’ve wanted, including people (women and slaves).

America is a melting pot, or it should be, and in order to do that all religions/cultures must be accepted. It is unacceptable that many treat others so poorly due to their skin color, religion, or sexuality. We should have moved past this by now and respected the legacy of our first black President who did such an outstanding job at making America a safer place, but instead we’ve been stuck with a Republican President (that has been openly endorsed by the KKK and is going on trial for rape of a 13-year-old girl and fraud), a Vice President that wants to submit LGBT youth to conversion therapy and emit lasting scars on the LGBT people of the United States, and House that aims to repeal everything great that Obama did.

Donald Trump’s appointment proves one thing: disgusting racist, homophobic, and fear-mongering thoughts lives in the hearts of Americans, and we’re all doomed. But, sure, Hillary Clinton’s emails were equal to Donald Trump’s heinous acts, including the recording of him saying to grab a woman by her genitalia.

I hope America is good for all you straight, white males as the economy crashes and Trump ruins the legacy of every President. We’ll unfortunately still be here to clean up your fucking mess in four years.

Congratulations on letting fear of losing your White privilege and just fear in general win, and thanks for setting us back 100 years. We Millenials have another thing to clean up from your utter monstrosity of a mess before we can have any mere hope for a good future. Anyways, continue to complain about how we take selfies and promote self-care and unity, which is what America has never had.

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