Necessities For Surviving A College Day

Spring break is ending, unfortunately, and we’re headed into the final stretch before summer vacation. Heading back to school can always be a bit depressing: no more staying up late, no binge-watching sessions (unless you’re a pro at procrastination like I am), and less fun in general. Back again comes the coffee addiction, because any normal college student can’t function without at least three cups a day.

I’m always finding a way to make going to college, paying attention, and taking notes more fun than usual. It comes down to some simple steps, some simple changes, to make class more fun, and it’s really not that expensive.

Buy a new notebook.

I like to buy Barnes and Noble leather journals and use them to take notes in, though they are a little spendy. If that’s too far out of your price range, they have cheaper options that are still just as nice.

Many colorful pens.

This also goes with the notebook. Taking notes is more fun when you can mess around and change colors, writing in fancy handwriting, or however you please. Switching it up keeps it fresh, because even the little things can become repetitive in class.

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Various Macbook cases.

If you like to take digital notes, and you have a Macbook, buy some fancy cases on Amazon. They’re cheap, nice to look at, and make looking at your computer a little easier on the eyes.

Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Having the right drink can make or break your day. I like to switch mine up and change my caffeine intake from time to time. I change from chai tea, to lattes, to Red Bull, all within the same week (or day, if I’m feeling deprived). My personal favorites are iced, almond milk lattes, pomegranate and mango Red Bull with a splash of orange juice, or Starbucks’ iced, Oprah chai tea latte.

The right playlist.

Putting together the right playlist to listen to on your way to class, or to wind down afterward, helps the day go by a little better. I definitely like my 00’s playlist with Britney Spears, but I don’t really have one playlist. Switch things up, just like your coffee, and make the day a little more exciting.

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