Nashville Season 5B Sneak Peek: Juliette’s Career in Shambles

It’s about time Nashville Season 5B returned to the real drama. While the stalking and loss of Rayna Jaymes were terrible and devastating to watch, it was off-brand for the country drama. Nashville thrives on the unbelievable, and drama spreading out of the music and industry.

In the new Nashville Season 5B preview, shown below, musical drama envelopes Juliette’s life and relationship as she fights to get her career back, while someone else is held at gunpoint in a terrifying confrontation.

What’s next for the citizens of Nashville? Well, Juliette’s life is unfolding as she struggles to find her way back to the stage, and a new (potential) love triangle sparks her interest, as she believes her friend Halle might have a thing for Avery. They seem to be taking the path they took in regards to Juliette finding her country footing again, as it seems to be stirring up trouble between her and Avery.

Daphne’s story is probably the most interesting. What will her interaction with homeless teenagers bring to her life? We see her inviting one into her home, and Deacon kicking the girl out, so will Daphne lash out at Deacon for not only not being her father, but for kicking out her new friend who has no where else to go? Will Daphne’s rebellion in the wake of her mother’s death lead to her running away and staying where her new friend does?

And then there’s Scarlett; her baby daddy issues seem to be her highlight of the coming episodes, but this preview shows that in a different light. Not only does she not known who the father is, but both men know so and they’re becoming alright with it. It even seems like this new, unconventional family is going to stick together – all three of them – and Scarlett’s choice of man isn’t going to be determined by who the baby’s father is.


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All in all, it looks like Nashville Season 5B is going to be heated, and the overly dramatic roots of the series are returning to the spotlight. What do you think? Are you excited for the series’ return, and what that may bring for each character? Will you be watching without Rayna? Let us know in the comments below!

Nashville returns Thursday, June 1 at 9/8c on CMT. Follow us on Twitter!

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