Nashville Season 5 Renewal Possible With CMT

According to Deadline, Nashville is close to being picked up for Season 5 at a network it will fit in generously with: CMT.

After all, a show about the country scene in Nashville should be accompanied by a country music themed network, shouldn’t it?

Nashville was recently cancelled by ABC, which genuinely surprised the cast and crew, who are now off on a sold-out tour. Nashville‘s ratings weren’t always great, but the City of Nashville offered incentives for the show to stay and film Season 5 had the show been renewed.

Lionsgate went straight to work after that, promising fans a Season 5 renewal on another network, which was helped by the Twitter hashtag “#BringBackNashville” that has been circling since cancellation.

The cast and crew has been very vocal about coming back for another season, at least.

The only one in possible jeopardy is Hayden Panettiere, whose character Juliette Barnes went missing in the season finale, after her plane sent a distress call. The studio opted to air the cliffhanger ending and forego the alternate, happily ever after scene where Juliette reunites with Avery and Cadence, and everyone is at peace. This was a decision for a better shot at renewal.

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The day Nashville was cancelled, Hayden Panettiere announced she would be returning to treatment for her postpartum depression, which she left the show around mid-season for.

Obviously, we are all happy that Hayden is reaching out for help, focusing on herself and her family amidst the craziness of her career.

That gives the perfect exit for her and her character, but would anyone really want another season without Juliette? She’s been one of the two main characters, along with Rayna, that have built this show.

Are you excited for the possibility of another season? Would you want to see a Nashville without Juliette Barnes, or do you hope they’ll wait for Hayden Panettiere to return to the show?

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