Nashville Review: Let’s Put It Back Together Again (Season 5 Episode 3)

Juliette begins to find her path down the road of recovery, both mentally and physically, while Maddie finally faces familial repercussions of her emancipation trial and the effect that had on her relationships.

On Nashville Season 5 Episode 3, “Let’s Put It Back Together Again,” the series’ move to CMT continues to breathe new life into the story and characters that we’d come to know so well. In fact, it’s even better than before.

Who would’ve thought Juliette would be the most inspired and inspirational of the characters? For being the bad girl for so long and stirring up so much trouble (both consciously and not), her plane crash has changed her in ways that could never have happened otherwise.

It’s unfortunate she had to go through such a traumatic event to make the changes to becoming a better person, but it’s something, and the mark is made.

Her biggest struggle is obviously the temporary paralysis; Cadence peeing on her leg and Juliette being about to feel it is just the sign she needed when she began to lose hope. Also, just give a shout out to Hayden Panettiere for the moving scene between Hallie and Juliette as she questions why she survived, and why she was chosen to continue through life.

Hallie is going to play such an important role in Juliette’s recovery and story this season, and it’s no coincidence that Hallie is so drastically connected to the church. It looks like Juliette will end up reaching out to a higher power this season, and who knows what will become of that?

Could Juliette be reformed forever, or will this phase be short-lived like all of her other attempts to be a better person? Hallie could give Juliette the strength to prepare and enter the religious world; it’s not clear whether Juliette has been actively religious throughout her life, or if she has at any point, but seeing as she survived a fatal plane crash against all odds, she certainly needs to believe in some sort of explanation as to why she survived when no one else did.

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Meanwhile, fans have been waiting for Maddie’s redemption arc, and while she still has a long way to go, she began to make some progress, too.

Claiming to be afraid of Deacon on the stand at her emancipation trial left her relationship with him shattered, and frankly, left her as an outsider in her family. She destroyed both of her parents on the stand in an attempt to break free of the chains that tied her to her family. Apologizing to him is the first step since he was the one she hurt the most, and everything else will follow. Will she be able to save her relationship with Daphne though? The distance between them is palpable.

And Maddie still needs to work on her attitude and stop acting like a bitchy teenager. If you want to be treated like an adult, it’s time to act like one, and the way she behaved with Ashley (Bridgit Mendler) at the studio proves she cannot.

Ultimately, the two made up, but their relationship could be taken in a number of ways. Both believe they know what’s best for themselves and their music and refuse to listen to anyone else, but they’re both such divas that they could clash at every point possible in the future.

Maddie’s new man could add some more interest to the conflicts, too. What will he think of Maddie’s attitude as another aspiring artist?

Rayna’s journey with a stalker begins, and it’s already far too creepy. This is going to push Rayna to her limits, and the stress she already faces from her family, her music, and her record label paired with this might break her once and for all.

Nashville continues Thursdays at 9/8c on CMT.

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