Nashville Review: Back in Baby’s Arms (Season 5 Episode 2)

Back in Nashville, Rayna suggests that her and Deacon create a concept album together to highlight their lives together, while Scarlett breaks down after Rayna picks the new single for The Exes, and it’s not a song she’s very fond of.

On Nashville Season 5 Episode 2, “Back in Baby’s Arms,” the series’ shift to CMT continues to highlight the strengths of Nashville that were never quite achieved on ABC, the network of overproduced drama. Personal relationships continue to be explored, and the cracks in each of them shines through.

Perhaps the biggest crack resided in Scarlett and Gunnar’s relationship, and Scarlett finally standing up for herself already shows that the series is off to a better start this season than in any others. She’s always kept her feelings relatively to herself and protected herself from any of the drama and warfare in the city of country music, but she finally snapped.

Who is Gunnar’s song about? Scarlett finally calling him out on his choice in women since their break up is a long time coming, and it’s interesting to see someone finally acknowledge it. He always dated women that were right in Scarlett’s face; he was always attempting to make her jealous whether he realized it on a conscious level or not. His choice has always been Scarlett.

While Rayna went on a drive to find herself, she came back with an idea she’s really excited about: a concept album about her life and love with Deacon. Only someone isn’t too thrilled about it, and his involvement is pretty important.

Can anyone blame Deacon? His past isn’t exactly one anyone would want to relive with his alcoholism and the mistakes he made, both with Rayna and Maddie, so her reaction was not one of an understanding partner in life. Her past may not be pretty, but it’s a hell of a lot better than Deacon’s, and as much as Rayna needs to find herself, maybe she shouldn’t use her man to do so.

She’s always been defined by the men in her life: her father, Deacon, Teddy, Luke, and any other man that stood by her side. Rayna doesn’t have a voice because Deacon isn’t forcing hers upon her, and it’s the first time in her life that she has to discover what she’s saying. Perhaps going through the situation with the stalker this season will give her a new perspective on life.

And Juliette, poor Juliette. The trauma of surviving such a terrible accident has taken a toll, and now that she knows the woman that saved her doesn’t want to see her or get any attention for it, she’s left questioning everything again. Why was she saved? Who is this woman? How did she end up there that night? Why did she decide to examine the crash?

Juliette is going to be questioning her life again this season. Why did Jeff Fordham die instead of her? Why did she survive the plane crash? What did Juliette do to deserve to live?

Nashville is picking up the pace in Season 5, and the return to the roots of the characters and country music is sending the series into a better direction.

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