Nashville Review: (Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I (Season 5 Episode 14)

When Maddie’s career begins to take off, an embarrassing video of her leaks online threatening to ruin it all. Meanwhile, Juliette is desperate and ready to start her career again, but a number of roadblocks continue to sit in her way as she tries to open the door once again.

On Nashville Season 5 Episode 14, “(Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I,” Maddie’s poor decisions come back to bite her once again after a video of her and Clay being unfairly stopped by a police officer leaks online. Is her career going to be over before it begins, or is this just a slight blip in her overall path?

Maddie and Clay

Yikes. This story is one long-awaited for Nashville, especially considering how big of an issue this is in Tennessee. When Maddie and Clay were stopped by a police officer, she definitely didn’t handle the situation well at all. Maddie made the situation even more dangerous for her boyfriend, who was already in a vulnerable, terrified place after being pulled over without a fair reason. Clearly this was racial discrimination.

Maddie: Is there one rule for me and one rule for him because he’s black?

Maddie had good intentions, which is obvious, but just how much do intentions matter in a situation like this? She tried to use her privilege the wrong way, which heightened the situation and brought much more attention to themselves, rather than using it to defuse the situation and try to handle it in a calm manner. There’s no specific way to behave or react when something like this happens, but Maddie was clearly unaware of the danger she was putting Clay in just by creating such a scene. When even passerby are filming you, you know you’re doing something wrong.

Maddie filming what was happening was a good idea, especially if something worse were to have occurred, but she just completely mishandled the situation. Intentions were good, actions were not. It’s such a complicated issue, and it’s definitely something Maddie hasn’t dealt with before coming from such a privileged life, but it’s important to learn, and hopefully this experience changes how she will deal with any situations like this that arise in the future.

Clay and Maddie broke up over this exchange, which isn’t too farfetched. Clay has to deal with his feelings over this, and he has to deal with Maddie’s accidental endangering of his life. Like he said, he could’ve been shot if they had interacted with the wrong police officer. It could be a while before Maddie is forgiven by Clay. Hell, it could be a while before Maddie is forgiven by anyone.

The video leaked online, and now she’s being called out for “wanting attention [after her mother’s death]” in the trailer for the next episode. Everyone is going to try to make Maddie apologize to the police force, but let’s pray Maddie has enough sense and decency to not apologize, and to stand up for what she did. Whether her actions were correct or not, she knew what was going on, and she knew they were stopped because of racial discrimination. There’s no need for her to apologize when she was just demanding fair and equal treatment by the officers.

Juliette’s Career

The old Juliette is back… kind of. Desperate to make a name of herself again, Juliette is falling into old habits again and she’s looking out for number one. And a number one (hit). Reuniting with an old co-writer, Juliette was given a song to pass along to Maddie, but she didn’t. Instead, she kept it for herself for her new album, which is going to come back to bite her considering she’s interacting with the writer of the song and with Maddie. How long until those two cross paths and realize what Juliette did?

She’s only kind of back because Juliette almost sent Maddie an email apologizing and explaining the situation, but ultimately she decided not to. Can anyone blame her? Juliette fought so hard for her career back in the latter half of Season 3, then in Season 4, and she’s had so many roadblocks on her path. Pregnancy, going into rehab for postpartum depression, and the plane crash; can Juliette catch a break? Her career has been on shaky ground ever since Season 2 and the scandal that almost took her out of the game for good. Without Rayna, would Juliette have had the opportunity to work her way back? Now Rayna is gone, and Juliette’s fighting, yet again, for what she’s worked so hard for.

Surely this is going to come back to get her eventually — karma always does — so now, let’s just give her a break and try to understand why she did what she did, since we all know Maddie and Travis won’t. Juliette’s poor decision is just going to make getting her career back more difficult when her best co-writer feels betrayed and refuses to work with her, and she loses the one friend she’s managed to keep over the years.

Juliette’s life has always been hard, and she continuously just has to deal with hard times. I mean, who has to survive a plane crash and deal with the aftermath of it? Everything that’s happened to her has made her stronger for the next thing to happen to her; can’t this girl just catch a break? Her life has been hard enough and she’s never really been able to enjoy it. Juliette’s earned having her career back, and earned having the right to live happily with Avery and Cadence.

Scarlett’s pregnancy

Is this story over yet? The love triangle between Gunnar, Scarlett, and Damien has been dragging on since before it was introduced, and there’s nothing that can re-ignite the spark of this story because it was never there.

I have to admit, I was surprised the father turned out to be Damien and not Gunnar. It seemed like just another temporary blip in Gunnar and Scarlett’s love story, but this is a much more permanent part of the equation, which is actually quite tiresome. These two have been so back-and-forth since the beginning, and I speak for everyone when I say to just make them get together, or break them up for good. They both should be happy, and being together never ends with them being happy.

Their reunion in the “series finale” on ABC was so rushed in order to tie up the loose ends of the series, so their story in Season 5 just seems ridiculous and out-of-place. No one watched them actually work to get back together and work through their issues, they were suddenly just back together and had worked through everything, but they actually hadn’t. Also, where did the idea for Scarlett seeing other people come from? Sure, Gunnar has treated her terribly over the years, but now it just seems like Scarlett is getting revenge for that, rather than actually pursuing a life and story of her own. It doesn’t seem right for the narrative.


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