To The Bone

To The Bone Review: Not A New Story, But An Interesting One

Ellen, a young adult artist who has faced anorexia nervosa for so long she’s near death, finds herself in a new in-patient treatment center faced with the same struggles as every other film about eating disorders.

To The Bone, Netflix’s new Lily Collins starring film, follows Ellen (later: Eli) near death due to her anorexia nervosa as she enters a battle with herself, with parents that continue to fail her, and a world view where she cannot see the point of continuing life or battling her eating disorder. The film paints eating disorders in a new light: it’s not about losing the weight, or being “skinny,” but it’s actually a much larger and deep-rooted issue. Continue reading “To The Bone Review: Not A New Story, But An Interesting One”

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review – Swings In For a Good Time

Spider-Man: Homecoming may be the sixth big screen film for the web head but it feels like audiences are truly meeting him for the first time.

Three years ago the idea of a Spider-Man movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a fantasy. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had just come out and Sony had their own cinematic universe future planned out. Yet after that sequel underperformed with critics and audiences, even the most hopeful fan couldn’t imagine what would come next. Rights issues, different studios, and other factors kept Spider-Man from playing with the Avengers. 

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Rough Night

Rough Night Review: A Party You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Rough Night is not a game changer, yet it still is pretty fresh. It is a summer comedy that delivers on what it promises, a fun time at the movies and manages to be a very moving film.

Rough Night seems paradoxically classic yet incredible new. It has the feel, look, and creative DNA of a raunchy screwball comedy from the 80’s (Weekend at Bernie’s) with a modern raunchy R comedy of average people getting into adventures on misunderstandings (Pineapple Express). The movie takes a traditionally raunchy R-rated comedy (drugs, sex references, shoot outs) normally reserved for men and shows how compatible that set ups and plot decorations are with women in the lead role. It is more than just a gender flipped Hangover (so please stop calling it that). Continue reading “Rough Night Review: A Party You Don’t Want To Miss Out On”

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Review: The Most Important Film of 2017

Wonder Woman is one of most iconic superheroes in the world, and after 75 years she is finally getting her shot at a solo superhero film. Can Wonder Woman deliver a worthy origin story as well as set the DCEU on course in the minds of critics and general audiences? Short answer is absolutely.

Wonder Woman is an icon. She is part of the DC Trinity alongside Superman and Batman. A character and symbol recognized the world over. Yet even though superhero films are some of the most popular forms of entertainment in the 21ST century, Wonder Woman has yet to have a major motion picture. While other iconic characters have been given films and television shows, the world has been waiting on Wonder Woman. Continue reading “Wonder Woman Review: The Most Important Film of 2017”


X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Deadpool 2, and New Mutants Announced

20th Century Fox has been releasing X-Men films since 2000. After nine films, it has become one of their biggest franchises. Disney has most of the Marvel library, and Warner Bros has the DC characters, in an age where superhero films are some of the biggest money makers Fox does not want to miss out. After the critical acclaim and box office successes of Logan and Deadpool, Fox has no plans on slowing down. On April 22ND, 2017 20TH Century Fox announced a line of future films with three X-Men properties slated for 2018. These include The New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men: the Dark Phoenix.
Fox now finds itself in an interesting position. Logan marked the final appearance for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who was the poster boy for the X-Men films for seventeen years. Fox knows they still want to continue making X-Men films (so the rights don’t go back to Marvel), yet they know they can’t just recast Wolverine because audience and fan reception would not be kind. They will have to wait a decent amount of time till it is safe to try to reuse Wolverine. Continue reading “X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Deadpool 2, and New Mutants Announced”

Marvel Studios Behind the Scenes Tour: Everything You Need to Know

Marvel Studio’s began in a small office in Santa Monica that they shared with a kite factory. Then they moved to an office above a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Beverly Hills. In 2014 they moved to Walt Disney Studios lot a few years ago and had not been open to the public. That is until April 17. For the first time, Disney opened the door to press.
Journalist were given a tour of the offices which included a wall of Iron Man armor’s, murals and costumes of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and numerous other Marvel goodies that would make any fan feel like they were walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Yet the big news that came from the tour was detailed on future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Justice League

Justice League Trailer: Come Together

The official trailer for the Justice League was revealed today, and it looks like we’re in for a treat. The movie seems to carry the same dark undertones of Batman vs. Superman, but with the group coming together, it looks more likely for the possibility of humor to break through the darkness.

The Justice League trailer showed some of our favorite DC superheroes coming together as a team when “the others” arrive, but we’re left with one question: where’s Superman? Continue reading “Justice League Trailer: Come Together”

Pirates of the Caribbean

What’s the Connection Between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’?

A new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film is set to arrive this May, and while plot details have been kept to a minimum, some answers may be hiding in plain sight. Oh, here’s what an understanding of ‘Star Wars’ universe can tell us about the plot of the new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film.

In the trailer, we meet a young man, unnamed but known in press releases as Henry (Brenton Thwaites), who is confronted by Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), the captain of a Ghostly Crew (because all the villain crews in the Pirates of the Caribbean series are supernaturally themed). Henry is wearing a necklace, one the audience has seen before. Continue reading “What’s the Connection Between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’?”

The Accountant

The Accountant Review: The Problem with Masculinity

The Accountant is supposed to be an interesting thriller about a man living with a severe case of autism that has fallen into a life of crime and murder, but instead, the highlight (or rather, lowlight) of the film is the lead character’s terrible father and terrible childhood.

The Accountant showcases a horrible case of systematic, stereotypical masculinity between the lead character, Christian, and his late father as he was growing up. Continue reading “The Accountant Review: The Problem with Masculinity”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Albus Dumbledore’s Arrival

We’ve seen the end years of Albus Dumbledore’s life in the Harry Potter series, so why should we care about his younger counterpart’s influence in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film series?

The new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the new five-film series written by J.K. Rowling based off of one of the Hogwarts textbooks in Harry Potter, promises to explore the time as the first infamous wizard, Grindelwald, rose to power. Continue reading “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Albus Dumbledore’s Arrival”