Motivation Monday

It’s summertime, y’all.

With the rise in the heat, off comes shirts, blouses, pants, whatever clothing item you can think of, as humans strip off to keep cool. It’s always nice to go lay out by the pool, or spend a day at the beach/lake, but with those luxuries comes the extra pressure to “think thin.”

By all means, you should be comfortable in your own body, but if you’re like me, you’re just… not. Stripping off weight and building muscle isn’t easy, but it’s possible. For those unremovable things, time will slowly make you accustomed to them. And I promise, no one is paying as much attention to them as you are.

But hitting the gym is the easiest solution, but it’s also the hardest.

If you’re serious, the gym can’t just be a casual, random part of your week. It can’t just take place on Motivation Monday. It takes dedication, hard work, and knowledge to make a lasting and worthwhile workout routine.

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I’m still working on it, too. Putting together correct, accurate, and safe free weight routines is not an easy task, but sites like help give sample workouts with some photos of the exercises and the proper names, which allows for the user to search them independently.

Even so, the number one step to having a good routine is commitment. Make a goal for yourself. Mine is 6 days a week, for at least 1.5 hours, with at least 30 minutes of cardio.

Going with a plan helps bring focus and a calm that makes time fly by. But you don’t get any results if you don’t go. Which is why having a plan helps.

Hold yourself accountable for going to the gym, maintaining your goals, and keeping up the motivation. It’s okay to have a day where you just can’t drag yourself, or you need a break. Starting at the gym seven days a week will lead to an eventual burnout.

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On this Motivation Monday, write out a plan for the week, or the month, or simply write how long you want to start going to the gym and for how long. Take that first step.

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