Long Live The Black Canary

Arrow Season 4 found the characters plagued by a grave threat throughout the season, leading to the show’s biggest controversial decision to date. Dinah Laurel Lance was killed off in the most pathetic death that has ever been executed on the television series.

One of the most skilled hand-to-hand fighters in the DC Comics series was held paralyzed by a magical force, stabbed by an arrow as a sacrifice because of the actions two men in her life made, and survived, only to use her last moments propping the dreadful relationship between Oliver and Felicity and die of a stroke.

A founder of the Justice League in the comics, the writers destroyed Dinah’s character in the television series, but maintained the basic strengths of her personality, and her evolution into the legendary Black Canary.

But her long-delayed growth lasted barely a year before she was killed off to further the plot of Oliver and his companions.

One of the strongest women in the DC universe was killed, a plot device for Oliver Queen (who is continuously written like a knockoff Batman) could take down his bad guy.

Even though this death was disrespectful to a character beloved by so many, with the recent launch of DC’s Rebirth, Dinah Lance lives once again.

The new Green Arrow series goes back to what made Oliver Queen successful in the first place.

Instead of introducing us into the middle of a relationship, we get a fresh start between Oliver and Dinah, as their relationship builds and alter-ego partnership grows stronger.

Together, they are fighting to clean the streets of Seattle as the city’s homeless population is disappearing. Percy is drawing us into a new, fruitful relationship, and reintroducing us to the standards that should’ve been upheld in every Green Arrow/Black Canary mythos.

It’s disappointing that Dinah’s legacy wasn’t allowed to shine on The CW’s Arrow.

Once she was written as more than just the protagonist’s love interest, she basically faded into the background. The true hero she could’ve been was never acknowledged, screwing over every other female hero in the DCTV universe.

Though, with the re-launch of the comics, the possibility is there to return Dinah to the league of superheroes she belongs in: The Justice League (possibly in the upcoming film, too!) and the Birds of Prey.

She’s returning to her roots as the true Black Canary, and she’s going to be kicking some ass.

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