Life Sentence Review: Our Father the Hero (Season 1 Episode 7)

Aiden is facing a felony charge after selling his ADD medication at the local coffee shop. Meanwhile, Stella’s love triangle further unfolds and leaves Wes is an uncomfortable position.

On Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 7, “Our Father the Hero,” everyone is shocked to learn that Paul was the one who turned Aiden in as they all contemplate what to do to save Aiden from the mess he’s created, which could land him three years in jail with a felony charge on his permanent record.

Stella’s Complicated Love Life

After revealing to Dr. Grant (and Wes) that Will understands her in a way she thinks Wes will never be able to, her relationship with Wes is on the rocks and they’re deeper into a fight than they’ve ever been before. Not even the arrival of Wes’ ex-fiancée shook the two this much, but their relationship could really be in trouble with how things are unfolding. It doesn’t help that Will is constantly showing up in Stella’s life, even unexpectedly at a bar in town where he and his band are song-banging Stella as she watches with heart eyes from the audience.

The love triangle is highly unnecessary for the show, especially so soon. Perhaps this would have been something to explore further down the line, but Stella and Wes have enough problems as is. We didn’t need to see another man come into her life and complicate her feelings so suddenly, and we’re just beginning to see how Stella and Wes work as a couple, so this taints all of the progress they could be making. It would have been more intriguing to see Stella fighting through the rocky waters of her relationship during this first season to even see if the two work as a dedicated couple before throwing another man in. Perhaps, if the series were renewed, then we could have seen the arrival of another man to complicate Stella’s life as her relationship with Wes would be steady, but she’d be experiencing feelings for another man who challenges what she feels for Wes. The love triangle aspect of the show seems rushed and inexplicably forced as viewers haven’t even had a chance to watch Stella and her husband adjust to their new lives without all of these new complications being thrown in.

Lizzie and Diego’s Family Troubles

Whereas Stella and Wes were my favorite relationship on the show, Lizzie and Diego are quickly surpassing them, and it’s interesting to see how seamlessly Lizzie fits back into the show after being gone for four episodes. Lizzie definitely feels like part of the family and there was no struggle to fit her right in like she’s been a part of their lives for however many years. I was worried about the actor’s presence throwing off the relationships since she wasn’t around for so long, but the writing and her acting abilities have definitely gotten rid of those worries, and the execution has surpassed what I believed would have happened.

The decision to hold back a child, especially so young, and separate them from their twin sister would be a difficult one, as if this family doesn’t have enough going on. It’s important to see how these couples handle situations like this, and we really saw a beautiful side to Lizzie and Diego’s relationship as they contemplated whether to hold back their son and how to go about the situation in general. Ultimately, they came together and decided to make their decision later on in the year, but the way they handle these things could not be more different. Diego asked everyone in town, while Lizzie quietly pondered the situation, yet neither got angry or upset with the other for their way of handling it. That’s what a good relationship should be.

Aiden’s Judicial Emergency

Taking the main focus, Aiden’s crime spree has come to an abrupt stop… thanks to his father. Yes, Paul was the one who turned Aiden in to the police when he suspected Aiden had been selling his drugs at the local coffee shop, but he could have never anticipated what would come from this one, not-so-innocent action. Instead of Aiden getting a slap on the wrist, it was his second offense meaning Aiden could spend years in jail, have a felony charge on his record, and his life would never quite be the same again. This, unexpectedly, filled Paul with guilt, so, like any man would do, he hired a lawyer to help his son and appease his feelings of overwhelming guilt at the fact he could have singlehandedly ruined his son’s entire life.

While Paul may have been wrong in the aftermath of the arrest, forces out of his control turned it into what it was. It’s hard to disagree with what Paul did because he genuinely didn’t know Aiden had already been arrested and charged with something before, nor did he know what kind of sentence he was giving to his son. All Paul tried to do was give Aiden a jolt and force him to come into the real world and leave the childish mess he’d created behind. Like they’ve all said, nothing they’ve done to help Aiden has had any affect, so the Abbott family was really out of options.

While Aiden’s release wasn’t surprising, for many reasons, it also should have been a moment to teach Aiden about the consequences of his actions. He didn’t face up to what he did; he got off with a highly lenient sentence, like any straight, white man would, and was forced to spend a week in jail and assigned community service hours. Will Aiden change? It’s unlikely. Sure, the potential to go to jail for quite a long time scared him straight for a moment, but Aiden’s attitude seems unwavering. What next mistake will he make, and how far will his family go for him?


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