What Lies Ahead on The Flash Season 4?

In just a few short weeks, The Flash will return to TV with its fourth season. The last we saw of Barry Allen and the rest of the team, Barry had just stepped into the Speed Force as punishment for altering the timeline and causing Flashpoint. With Barry out of action, how has the team gone on without him?

The Flash Season 4 offers some new and interesting changes to the show that will hopefully pay off as the board is reset. What are some of the things we can look forward to with the new season?

6 Months Later

The Flash Season 4 premiere, “The Flash Reborn,” will begin 6 months after the events of the Season 3 finale, “The Finish Line.” A lot has apparently changed for the team with Iris taking a more prominent role as the lead of Team Flash and Wally swapping his Kid Flash outfit for the red Flash suit.

I was really hoping that this dynamic between the team would last for a few episodes into the season so the show could take advantage of Barry’s absence and explore how Iris, Wally, Cisco and the others have gotten on without him. However, Grant Gustin will be back in the premiere, but according to Gustin, he won’t be the same Barry as the one that went in.

Since he was trapped in the Speed Force, Barry has seemingly accessed all of time, seeing everything as one moment as opposed to separate events. This will be an interesting development, especially since Barry has always been so obsessed with the future.

New and Returning Villains

Of course with any new season of The Flash comes new villains. This season will be a refreshing change from the previous season in the news that the main villain of the season will not be a speedster. Instead, Flash’s main antagonist will be Clifford DeVoe, someone who was hinted at a couple of times towards the end of Season 3.

Unlike the past villains, DeVoe actually has no superpowers (at least, in the comics. He could very well be a metahuman in the series). Known as The Thinker, DeVoe (who will be played by Neil Sandilands) was a former lawyer who turned to crime as someone who saw an opportunity to profit by uniting the various criminals and arranging their crimes. He also has a device called the Thinking Cap, a metal hat that can project mental force.

Joining him will be the Mechanic, Thinker’s right hand who is an engineer and designs machines for DeVoe and other villains. Played by Kim Engelbrecht, she basically sounds like the anti-Cisco and could be a good foil for him. Another villain, who has a recurring role in the season, is Katee Sackhoff as Blacksmith, an arms dealer and black market operator who deals with metahumans.

The three of them sound like a pretty formidable force for Team Flash. One thing that I hope for from this is the formation of the Rogues. They’re a group of Flash’s main villains who work together to rob Central City and have a strict code, though many of the villains have appeared in the show. Captain Cold leads the group that is usually made up of Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master and The Trickster, but with Cold dead and Heat Wave part of the Legends, the traditional Rogues won’t get together. More likely, DeVoe could form a new group of Rogues, perhaps with Blacksmith as she briefly formed a Rogues group of her own in the comics.

Additionally, we’ll be seeing the return of Peek-a-Boo from Season 1. And now that a speedster isn’t the villain of the season, that frees up some of the budget for the show and perhaps we’ll see Grodd or even King Shark once again and hopefully for more episodes.

What Could The Story Be?

There’s been little word on what the actual story for Season 4 would be, but just looking at what we know, it seems like the season will examine Barry’s place in Central City and among his friends. Legacy has always been a big part of The Flash, from Barry’s future as The Flash having huge repercussions to several characters worrying about what they’ll become and leave behind. We have Barry as The Flash, Wally as Kid Flash, Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, etc.

I hope the theme of legacy will be a big one for this season. It could do a lot with all the characters and what lays ahead for our heroes, especially as we edge closer to Barry’s disappearance (still a few years off, but with the timeline constantly being played with on the show, it could come sooner than later). We’ll just have to see what The Flash Season 4 has in store for us.


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