Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope: An Icon

Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope charmed the hearts of viewers for seven years on the hit comedy Parks and Recreation.

The character is inspiration to everyone who wants to live life with such enthusiasm and genuine love, even in the dreary moments.

Leslie: I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.

Leslie is one of the lucky few who knew what she wanted to be from the time she was a child. She was going to be the first female President of the United States. But now, it’s looking like Hillary Clinton will beat her to it. Leslie won’t mind, Hillary’s portrait in her office assures that.

Running the Parks and Recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana, was not an easy task, yet Ms. Knope took every curve ball thrown at her and created so ring better than she originally intended.

Did she become President? No. But she realistically approached life with a dedication to her line of work that landed her promotion after promotion, until she had a library named after her.

Yes, a fucking library.Leslie Knope

But even through all the downs of her life (i.e. the recall vote, Ann leaving) Leslie Knope took her setbacks with grace and humility, vowing to help the city of Pawnee, which so clearly tried to push her away.

Her joy for her work is an inspiring goal to set for yourself. It wasn’t her dream job, but it was remotely connected to it. She worked in a town that she loved more than the world itself for the tiny city government. She could’ve seen that job similarly to how Ron did: a job, a way to pay the bills. But she didn’t.

Every action she took was to better her town for the awful people in it. She didn’t hold grudges, unless you’re from Eagleton. If so, then get the hell out of her town.

She saved Jeremy Jamm, who was instrumental in her recall from City Council, from the clutches of Ron’s she-beast ex-wife, Tammy 2.

The minut setbacks in her life prepared her for something better. She moved on from Parks and Recreation in Pawnee, to Department of the Interior, to running that department, and so on.

Leslie Knope’s happiness overshadowed almost every negative emotion she felt. She was just so joyful to be present.

As well as being so cheerfully optimistic, Leslie was the best friend that anyone could ever have. She may have been ridiculous at times, but she went above and beyond to ensure her friends were happy and her support was unconditional.

We can all learn a lot from Leslie’s perseverance and dedication. Without it, she may never have moved to Washington, D.C., and actually pursued a career in politics like she’d always dreamed.

Leslie Knope wafflesShe didn’t do anything for the recognition, she did everything for the bettering of her city, the city’s people, or her friends’ lives.

Also, we should all love waffles as much as Leslie Knope.

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