Lena Luthor is the MVP of ‘Supergirl’ Season 2

After an almost completely rocky second season of Supergirl (which is flailing after the change in networks, budget cuts, and cast changes), there’s been little light at the end of the tunnel for the series to return to the masterpiece it was in Season 1. However, Lena Luthor’s appearances and involvement in the story have provided just enough of a net for the series to save itself from falling down the Mon-El shaped hole in the ground.

Lena Luthor has been interesting from her first appearance on Supergirl, and with her ties to her mother Lillian (and Cadmus by default) and her new partnership with Rhea, Mon-El’s father, she’s about to get a bigger part of the story. Perfect for her role as a series regular in Season 3.

Lena Luthor is such a complex, strong woman. After Cat Grant’s departure, that was really needed to add an extra layer back to the series, and Lena offers something Cat never could: the potential for evil. Being the sister of infamous alien-hater Lex Luthor, and daughter of another alien-hater Lillian Luthor, Lena has become a woman of justice on her own. She took a troubled family life and turned herself into someone she can be proud of, and someone who stands up for what she believes in.

Her friendship with Kara also adds another Cat-era element to the series again: humanity. Everything has begun to become tied up in the DEO, and even Kara’s job as a reporter is dependent on being Supergirl for the inside scoop. The advice Kara got from Cat has been sorely missed, and she’s finally found someone who can give her advice in Lena. Their friendship is the last human element of the show, and if it’s destroyed by Lena’s new partnership with Rhea (or what seems like a partnership), it’s going to be devastating. Not just for Kara, but for the series. They can’t go down the annoying path of two friends turning into mortal enemies again, as a repeat of the over-told story of Lex and Clark.

Now that Lena is a series regular for Supergirl Season 3, it’ll be interesting to see what the writers do with her. Hopefully they cut down on Mon-El’s time on-screen and focus on the characters that actually move the plot along.


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