Can Lena Luthor Ever Become a Hero on ‘Supergirl’?

Lena Luthor’s stance on morality has been the heated debate circling her character since her debut on Supergirl.

Supergirl Season 3 has already returned to this, twice, and forced Lena to entertain the idea of killing someone to protect herself (and others) and consider what she’d be willing to do to keep those around her safe. As we saw on Season 3 Episode 12, Lena ultimately decided to save Edge from her mother, rather than kill him herself or let her mother finish him off, but can Lena ever truly stay good?


Lena definitely lives in a grey area when it comes to justice for her enemies, which separates her from everyone else on the show. While Kara, Alex and everyone else are determined to stop a villain and let the justice system punish them, Lena has actually considered taking a man’s life for what he’s done and what he was attempting to do to her. As we saw on the latest episode, Lena actually chose to save Edge and let him be punished by the government, but she debated taking his life yet again.

Taking down Edge and her mother is a good step for Lena and the possibility of her being a hero (or the closest she can be to one) in the future, but the question of justice is something that clearly haunts Lena. Even if this debacle with Edge is over, she’s still a Luthor and she’s still going to be questioned every time something bad happens because of her family. She’s still going to be a target to those who hate her family. How many times can Lena be put in this predicament and choose the high road before she ultimately cracks and crosses the line, killing someone and disgracing herself like her brother and mother have?

The Future

With Reign being a “bringer of justice” this season and killing bad guys — and how Lena actually mentioned Reign may have a point to her mission — this could be what either drives Lena to the side of good or brings her path to evil, like her family. Obviously Kara is very much against vigilantism and what Reign is doing, but Lena can relate to Reign more than anyone, and it’s something that needs to be addressed for Lena that can heavily weigh on whether the writers choose to make her a villain or a hero down the road. Would Lena be willing to let Reign’s terror continue, as long as she’s only killing villains?

It’s certainly possible for Lena to be a hero, but the writers have to make a decision shortly. Seeing the back and forth of Lena being pushed to the edge and coming back is tiresome, and it shouldn’t be the only thing happening in her stories. Every episode that has focused on Lena has involved her potential for evil in one way or another. It’s bland and boring, and Lena is an interesting enough character that she should be receiving better material. The problem is, though, that she won’t until a decision is made on what road she’s taking. Lena has the potential to be a great ally to Supergirl, but also a great nemesis. Whether or not it’s the outcome fans want, Lena’s story can’t progress until we know what path she’s on, but the writers haven’t made up their mind either.

Personally, Lena would make a fantastic ally for Supergirl. She’s smart enough to create new technology, build herself a suit if she’s interested in being in the field, and could help take down the Big Bad villains with her savvy ideas and plans. Plus, her friendship with Kara (if she’s ever let in on the secret) would bring them that much closer because they’d be working together at CatCo and in the field. It’d be a shame for Lena’s potential to be wasted on becoming a villain because we’ve seen it before with her brother. Let Lena be a hero, and let her escape the shadow of her family. Isn’t that the perfect redemption story?


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